It should come as no surprise that Dragon Quest Treasures is filled with secrets. You’ll be doing plenty of treasure hunting once the game opens up, but don’t get too excited. Breezing through the tutorial can result in missing out on some cool hidden items! There are three treasure chests right at the starting area of Paternoggin Base. Each of these will reward you with special types of pellets. Make sure to get your hands on these before venturing out into Draconia.

Where to Find Secret Pellets at Paternoggin Base in Dragon Quest Treasures

You’ll find the first chest immediately in front of Shady and Shambles, the two (adorable) monsters guarding the exit. Inside of this chest will be 10 Heal pellets. These handy pellets will let you heal your allies in battle. After you’ve completed Shady and Shambles task and the gate is opened, continue a short ways forward. Then, take a quick turn to the left.

You’ll find a massive tree just a bit away. It’s not immediately obvious until you get close to it, but there’s an opening in the tree to crawl through. Crouch down and sneak your way inside to find another chest. This one will contain Zap pellets, which will inflict an enemy with minor electrical damage. Circle behind the tree and look to the left again to find a path next to the cave’s entrance.

Follow down the path until you reach the end, where you’ll be faced with a cliff. This time you’ll want to turn to the right. It can be hard to spot, but there’s another chest tucked away next to the rocks.

Inside this final chest will be Sizz pellets, which enemies with minor light damage. With that, you’ve now got access to healing and two different elemental ammo, right at the very start of the game! These pellets will give you a leg up in early battles.

Having extra ammo is always a good thing, but there are other gameplay mechanics to keep in mind. Knowing how to recruit monsters will be essential for progressing through the game. You’ll also want to make sure you have a grasp on your monster’s Forte skill.

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