Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has taken a serious shift from the primary sequence created by Akira Toriyama by focusing squarely on Piccolo and Gohan dealing with off in opposition to the Red Ribbon Army. With Toriyama stating that Piccolo is his present favourite character, evidently a latest interview has Akira revealing a model new tidbit relating to the anatomy of the Namekian race, filling followers in on one thing that many have by no means thought-about earlier than. With Piccolo set to obtain a brand new transformation on this upcoming movie, we positively anticipate to see extra of the Z-Fighter sooner or later.

In the brand new interview, the questioner requested Toriyama about Piccolo’s toes, noting that the Namekian who as soon as ran beneath the identify of Piccolo the Demon King by no means has taken off his footwear, inflicting the Dragon Ball creator to dive into some wild subjects:

“Huh? He’s never taken off his shoes? That comes as a surprise to me too. I think they’re pretty much the same as Earthling feet, but his toenails are black, like his fingernails. *Note 1: In this movie, Piccolo’s fingernails are colored black, line in the original manga.”

Toriyama additionally went into element concerning the historical past of Piccolo and the way he’s completely different from the opposite Namekians of his race:

“Piccolo is a rather complex character. Originally he was the demon king Piccolo who split off from the god who created Earth’s dragon balls. But then he was defeated by Goku, and the child (or rather doppelganger of himself) he left behind entered the Tenkaichi Budokai under the name “Ma Junior” in order to hide his real identity. Then later during the battle against Frieza, he powered up by merging with a Namekian named Nail and even later on, he recombined with God which brings us to the present. It’s such a complicated past that even I have trouble remembering it (laugh).

Most Namekians are sage types, and fighting types like Piccolo are rare. They’re still a mysterious race, so they can be a bit of a headache even for me, the original creator.”

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