Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire continues the story of Godzilla vs. Kong, so does the sequel go away room to turns this Kaiju crossover right into a full-blown trilogy?

If you wish to know the reply to that we now have the SPOILERS beneath that designate what occurs on the finish of Godzilla x Kong, if there is a clear path to a sequel, and what that threequel could be about.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Defined (Spoilers)

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The story of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire facilities round Godzilla vs. Kong characters Dr. Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Corridor), her adopted Iwi daughter Jia (Kaylee Hottle), Titan conspiracy podcaster Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry), and naturally, Kong and Godzilla. Andrews, and Bernie (with new allies like Dan Stevens as Monarch zoologist Trapper) try to unravel the thriller of what mysterious sign from deeper inside Hole Earth is looking to Jia, Kong, and Godzilla – and it seems to be one other tribe of Iwi that stay within the “subterranean” realm of Hole Earth. The Iwi had been calling for assist to save lots of their tribe from a warring tribe of big apes, led by the merciless “Skar King,” who instructions the ice-spouting Kaiju, Shimo, who induced Earth’s Ice Age the final time it broke by means of to the floor realm. Kong should persuade Godzilla to place apart their feud as Alphas and unite their energy in opposition to Skar King and Shimo, or Hole Earth and the floor are doomed.

Godzilla x Kong Ending Defined


By the climax of the movie, Godzilla and Kong certainly put apart their variations and head into the subterranean part of Hole Earth for a showdown with Skar King, Shimo, and the Ape tribe. Jia helps to satisfy an Iwi prophecy by reawakening Mothra to assist Godzilla and Kong. Collectively, the Titans, Iwi, and Monarch scientists kill Skar King and free Shimo from his merciless enslavement.

The epilogue of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire sees stability restored. Godzilla resumes his reign as protector of the floor, settling down in Rome’s Colosseum; Kong finds a brand new dwelling and household by taking up Skar King’s tribe of big apes residing in subterranean Hole Earth, with Shimo as a keen and constant ally. Monarch scientists Ilene and Trapper return to the floor, with Jia selecting to stay with Ilene and never the Iwi, whereas Bernie reconsiders exposing all of the wonders of Hole Earth to the world.

How Does Godzilla x Kong Setup Godzilla vs. Kong 3?

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Godzilla x Kong makes it clear that there’s a lot extra about Hole Earth to study than what we have seen in these movies. The Monarch TV collection spinoff has already revealed a “junction” level between Hole Earth and the floor where time dilation turns minutes beneath into years above; now we all know that there are ranges of Hole Earth that run deeper than even Kong or Godzilla knew.

All in all, the Monsterverse franchise has constructed up sufficient lore for Godzilla vs. Kong 3 to discover something from what else is hidden in Hole Earth to wanting again at otherworldly threats just like the alien Ghidorah, why it ever got here to Earth within the first place. The Toho Kaiju universe nonetheless has roster of monsters to drag from – particularly if a personality like Shimo was mined as a significant villain.

Storywise, Kong now has a whole household to guard, whereas Godzilla has a whole world to defend. The human characters at Monarch are additionally caught between hiding the pure and cultural wonders of Hole Earth from floor world plunder and nonetheless defending humanity in opposition to new Titan threats – together with Godzilla.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is now in theaters.