The Toy Story update has introduced some familiar faces as well as a new secret realm to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Those are Woody and Buzz Lightyear, as well as the Toy Story Realm. If you’ve already rushed into this realm to meet Buzz Lightyear, then he’s already assigned you the Secret Mission in Uncharted Space quest. This quest requires you to search the Toy Story realm for various items, the most difficult of which is Bonnie’s drawings. But we’ll tell you exactly where to find them in this guide, so read on to find out!

Where to Find Bonnie’s Drawings in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are four of Bonnie’s drawings you need to find for the Secret Mission in Uncharted Space quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, unlike the previous items you just gathered, you can’t interact with Bonnie’s drawings. Instead, you’ll need to pull out your camera to photograph them. To pull out your phone, Press ZR on Switch, R2 on PlayStation, and RT on Xbox, then from the tool wheel, select the camera icon. Now that you’ve got your camera ready, here’s where to find all of Bonnie’s drawings.

To help you find all of Bonnie’s drawings, note that they are on colored construction paper and have golden stars on the corners of them. The easiest one to find and take a picture of is on the left side of the bed, leaning up against a stack of books, next to the nightstand. From there, just turn left into the white closet. Once you’re in the white closet, turn left again and you’ll find one of Bonnie’s drawing’s hanging on the wall.

The third of Bonnie’s drawings is on the right side of the bed, in a white bookcase that’s hiding next to the flower-shaped table. There you can find one of Bonnie’s drawings hidden in the white bookcase, behind some toys. The last drawing is the most difficult because it’s placed higher than all the others.

It’s high up on the wall, above the race track, and next to the wooden microwave. It’s a pink picture, with an elephant and a penguin. If you just run up the race car tracks, you’ll see it on the wall, right next to the wooden microwave.

Once you’ve snapped a shot of all four of Bonnie’s drawings, return to Buzz and you’ll be able to invite him to move into the valley.

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