The winter season is in the air in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and every single NPC has caught the festive fever! A bunch of them are going to start asking for a new resource. The Festive Fish of Disney Dreamlight Valley are a group of event resources that seem impossible to find. If you are scrambling to gather these resources, you are far from alone! This guide will go over why they are so hard to find right now, and what you’ll need to look out for.

How to Catch Every Festive Fish

The Festive Fish are Disney Dreamlight Valley event resources that are available starting after December 18th. Currently, characters are asking for Festive Fish a little bit too early, choosing them as their favorite item as early as December 10th. Once the party tuna come around, you will find them in water with green and red bubbles. Each type of fish spawn in different areas of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you can only collect one of each.

Thanks to all of our time travelers in the DDV community for jumping ahead and learning this information! We do not recommend putting your game’s date forward, as it may corrupt your save file.

The following are the areas that you can gather each of the Festive creatures in once the event begins on the 18th:

  • Peaceful Meadow for a Festive Bass
  • Forgotten Lands for a Festive Anglerfish
  • Dazzle Beach for a Festive Fugu
  • Glade of Trust for a Festive Squid
  • Sunlit Plateau for a Festive Salmon

These event resources will only spawn in water that flashes green and red, so make sure you’re posted up at the correct points! Otherwise, you’ll just be fishing for normal critters.

This event will likely only last from the 18th until the end of the holiday season, around January. If you want to gather these rare resources, and make some close friends along the way, you will need to act quickly!

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