Frostpunk is a survival game and survival of civilians from your city will require heat. There are heat levels in this game and each 10 degree Celsius temperature drop will reduce heat levels by 1. At temperature 0 or more, the health of its civilians will be good and there will be no chance that they get sick. However, the lower the temperature, the thinnest are the possibilities of them and, ultimately, your game to survive. You can keep them safe by heating your homes. Here, in this guide, we will tell you the ways to warm homes in Frostpunk.

There are a number of ways to heat homes in Frostpunk. These are:


In “Frost Punk”, a generator is used to heat the house. These are the main sources of heat in the game. The heat generator tower or the generator is the main building in the center of your city. It is responsible for providing fuel and heat for your city. At the highest level 4, this generator will provide +4 heat.

Research Nodes

There are many research nodes in the game, you can find them to increase the temperature of the house. You can upgrade your generator and power supply in various ways to increase the heat level of the houses in Frostpunk. You can also upgrade your house. This can be done by insulating the house, increasing the level of the house by 1.

Lamp Relic

This lamp is a relic in the game, it is another heat and light source for heating the house in “Frost Punk”. The game has the option to view the city heat map. Here, you can find out if the civilians are hot enough, or if they have no heat. Therefore, please check the map and point to areas with lower temperatures.