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There’s one thing fairly old school and nice about having one massive game that everybody is taking part in and poring by for secrets and techniques. It places me in thoughts of individuals on the lookout for Bigfoot in GTA: San Andreas or attempting to unlock Sheng Lengthy in Avenue Fighter. Without delay, that game is Diablo 4, which has set folks to fervent theorycrafting with an extremely quick—and seemingly hidden—post-credits scene (through GamesRadar).

Whereas I am positive there are various gamers on the market which have already seen it, the existence of Diablo 4’s post-credits scene was delivered to wider consideration earlier right this moment after a tweet from Blizzard Jamir Blanco, where he talked about folks “lastly beginning to understand” that Diablo 4 even had a post-credits scene in any respect (in equity, these credit are very lengthy).

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The scene in query is already up on YouTube—it was truly uploaded earlier than Blanco’s tweet—due to a person named AnActualSadTaco. You possibly can watch it beneath. I might put a spoiler warning right here, however frankly, the scene is so fast and hard-to-decipher that I do not assume it actually spoils something in any respect.

Any concept what that meant? Me neither. It actually seems to be like some sort of demonic villain, however they’re ten-a-penny in Diablo, so that does not actually slim it down. Some gamers reckon it is likely to be Lucion, son of Mephisto from Diablo 2, whereas others theorise it may very well be Diablo himself. His identify is nonetheless on the field, in spite of everything. Different theories are a bit of too spoilerific to delve into right here, however suffice to say there are some Diablo 4 characters that gamers assume would possibly match the fiery determine within the post-credits scene. I am positive we’ll discover out as Diablo 4’s post-launch content material begins rolling out.

The unusual factor is, folks aren’t truly positive the right way to get this scene within the first place. Fairly a number of gamers responded to Blanco’s tweet by saying they’d crushed the game, caught round for the credit, and seen nothing in any respect. That appeared to mystify Blanco too, who’s promised a number of completely different gamers that he’ll ask some questions round Blizzard and see if he can determine why some folks don’t get it.

My idea is that gamers will solely see the scene after beating the marketing campaign a second time. The gamers I’ve seen lamenting the truth that they did not get the post-credits teaser all appear to have crushed the game as soon as, whereas a whole lot of the folks saying they received it look like on a second playthrough or else serving to another person beat the game after already having finished it themselves (which itself is likely to be the important thing: Maybe you solely get it in case you’re aiding a fellow participant).

Regardless, add the post-credits scene to Diablo 4’s ever-mounting pile of mysteries. Which do you reckon will get found out first: The id of the fiery determine, or where the hell that cow stage is? Place your bets now.