Carving your method via 100 tiers of nightmare dungeon difficulty in Diablo 4 is difficult sufficient in itself. Doing so with out getting gibbed by Sanctuary’s numerous beasties? Nigh unimaginable. As noticed by Gamesradar+, nevertheless, two necromancer gamers have achieved that milestone final week.

The world first was snagged by gamers AlAlon and Riise. In a tweet by the previous, AlAlon describes the feat as “robust, however so rewarding”, and thanks the builders for “creating this masterpiece”. Within the feedback, they go into the important thing facets of the construct that carried them to tier 100 hardcore. 

“All our harm comes [from multiplicative damage], which [comes from aspects], most vital one is flesh eater.” The Flesh-Eater facet, a legendary node within the Flesh-Eater paragon board, provides as much as a 40% elevated harm buff after chomping via 5 corpses. Being multiplicative—utilized after different bonuses—this can be a big ramp-up. “‘I’ve had over [13,000,000 damage] bone spear crits.”

To correctly put in context how a lot harm that’s, here is an instance of a bone spear necromancer melting a world boss in about 15 seconds. It is sufficient to one-shot most beasties within the game. You are trapped in hell with demons? No, they’re trapped in hell with you.

Different facets AlAlon credit are the Edgemaster’s Facet, which ramps up the bone spear harm the extra essence you’ve got banked, the Facet of Uncovered Flesh, which helps generate that essence when hitting weak enemies with bone abilities, and the Defending Facet, which in all probability saved their hardcore bacon greater than as soon as with its immunity defend.

I am sure our personal Sean Martin—who has been having a pleasant time blowing up corpses—is pleased to see his class repped on this huge achievement. The bone spear practice’s had me contemplating rolling up a goth boy within the new season myself, which you’ll play on July 20.