The endgame of Diablo 4 positive does sound prefer it features a bunch of MMO dailies in disguise, however to not fear: Blizzard has mentioned the newest incarnation of its motion RPG hasn’t been designed to devour your total precise life. In any case, that is what World of Warcraft is for.

In a gaggle interview quoted by our colleagues at GamesRadar, affiliate game director Joe Piepiora mentioned that Diablo 4 “isn’t supposed to be performed eternally” and, whereas there might be more durable challenges to face when you hit stage 100, “that is content material where you will be pushing your self to see how far you may take your construct, quite than attempting to achieve some countless grind of rewards as time goes on past stage 100.”

Finally, as soon as you have completed the marketing campaign to unlock the capstone dungeon, completed the capstone dungeon to unlock the following world tier difficulty setting, after which the following, after which the one after that, in addition to spending glyphs to repeat tweaked variations of the dungeons referred to as “nightmare dungeons”, accumulating bounties on actions handed out by a cursed tree, and battling via helltide areas to gather shards to spend on helltide caches (there are all the time shards), you will be able to face the ultimate, last boss.

“At stage 100, we do have a pinnacle boss encounter we would like gamers to interact with that is been balanced in order that it is terribly, terribly difficult,” Piepiora mentioned. “Gamers that attain stage 100 are going to have a particularly tough time on this boss encounter.” It is a method of giving gamers an final aim, he went on. “That is the purpose, is to say, ‘I’ve managed to get a particularly highly effective character construct collectively. That is my capstone, that is the aim that I’ve for myself inside a time period after I’ve reached stage 100’. You realize, that is the aspirational piece we would like gamers to chase. There’s beauty issues, there’s different rewards you may get from that encounter, nevertheless it’s not about getting extra gear at that time. Like, that is the purpose of getting the gear, is to struggle that specific boss.”

Piepiora uncared for to say who this pinnacle boss might be, nevertheless. Perhaps the ultimate, final boss struggle of Diablo 4 is towards 4 Diablos suddenly? Or maybe Blizzard will take a leaf out of Wolfenstein 3D’s guide, and gamers must struggle Lilith once more, solely in a mechsuit. Who can say.

Those that favor their videogames to be countless Sisyphean treadmills don’t have anything to fret about, after all. Since Diablo 4 might be a live-service game full with seasonal updates and battle passes, you can begin a brand new character every season as you probably did in Diablo 3 and slog your approach to stage 100 and past another time. Would not that sound like enjoyable?

You’ll be able to strive Diablo 4 for your self through the subsequent playtest, a server slam working from Could 12 via Could 14, forward of its last launch on June 6.