Some Baldur’s Gate 3 gamers are reporting points with the game’s save system. Specifically, that they can not save or load in any respect, which is a little bit of a difficulty in 2023’s Game Most More likely to Spark Discourse About Save Scumming. The excellent news is that, if you happen to’re working into this, Larian is directing you to a assist web page on its web site that ought to hopefully resolve the difficulty. The dangerous information is that you do not get any of the progress you misplaced to a busted save again.

The difficulty appears to be tied to BG3’s cloud sync service for its many, many save video games. Gamers encountering the bug report the game changing into trapped in an countless sync loop, stopping them from saving or loading whereas the game works fruitlessly to dump knowledge to the cloud.

Larian’s help web page for individuals unable to save lots of recommends deactivating “all non-essential packages” earlier than you launch the game, “particularly any anti-virus and any backup packages” that is likely to be interfering with the game’s potential to muck round with its personal knowledge. It particularly calls out Home windows Defender, Bitdefender, Avast, and AVG as packages which have traditionally caught in BG3’s craw, and recommends that customers add the game’s executables (and the Larian Studios AppData folder, which you’ll find at CustomersAppDataLocalLarian Studios) to these packages’ trusted exception lists.

If none of Larian’s suggestions are serving to you out, some gamers on the Steam boards report success in simply deactivating cloud sync fully. These gamers advocate turning off the game’s “Cross Save” setting beneath its Gameplay Settings earlier than wholesale deleting the Baldur’s Gate 3 folder in AppData/Native/Larian Studios. Taking cloud saves out of the equation ought to, hopefully, get the game again on observe. Though it would come again to chew you if you happen to attempt to play on console in some unspecified time in the future sooner or later.

Hopefully, it will not be an issue for lengthy. Larian instructed IGN that it is conscious of the difficulty and Larian CEO Swen Vincke tweeted earlier at present that the game’s first hotfix is already nicely on its manner. Hopefully, this may not be a difficulty for gamers affected by it for lengthy.