Destiny 2 Witch Queen
Destiny 2 Witch Queen

Destiny 2 now gets a new Witch Queen Update. It not only adds fresh content for players to enjoy, but it also adds a slew of prizes, some of which are season-specific. The Seasonal Artifact is a Legendary item that the player will earn. The Synaptic Spear is the Artifact that we’re getting in the Witch Queen update. This is all well and good, but you don’t start with the Artifact in hand. So, in this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to gain the Synaptic Spear Artifact in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen the proper way.

How to Get the Synaptic Spear Artifact in Destiny 2 Witch Queen

synaptic spear artifact destiny 2 witch queen

In a nutshell, you will obtain the Synaptic Spear Artifact after completing the first objective in Destiny 2 Witch Queen. So, go finish the Campaign’s first task, The Arrival assignment. Completing that series of missions will send you to Mars. After that, go talk to Ikora Rey.

Skip the cutscenes and focus on the assignment she assigns you, The Relic Quest. Simply travel to the Markers with the Witch Queen emblem to complete the quest. When you get close enough to the end, you’ll see a cutscene and then a Resonance Engine.

Here, you’ll have to collaborate with the engine to create a New Weapon. Select the Enigma Glaive and start creating it. We will acquire the Glaive after clicking on Shape Weapon. Now, just after the Resonance Engine, there must be a Relic Conduit. After conversing with it, it will tell you to go back and meet with Ikora. Now go back and speak with her. Following the cutscenes, you can get the Synaptic Spear Artifact in Destiny 2. Now, if you verify your stock, you can locate the Artifact there.

All Mods within the Synaptic Spear

Here is a listing of all of the Mods that you’re going to get and at what Artifact unlocks.

  • Column 1: 0 Artifact unlocks
    • Anti-barrier Scout Rifle
    • Overload Rounds
    • Unstoppable Hand Cannon
    • Piercing Bowstring
    • Unstoppable Pulse Rifle
  • Column 2: 2 Artifact unlocks
    • Glaive Dexterity
    • Rocket Launcher Scavenger
    • Psionic Forging I
    • Melee Wellwalker
    • Hand Cannon Targeting
  • Column 3: 5 Artifact unlocks
    • Glaive Scavenger
    • Thermoshock Plating
    • Auto Rifle Loader
    • Font of Might
    • Psionic Forging II
  • Column 4: 9 Artifact unlocks
    • Unstoppable Glaive
    • Lucent Finisher
    • Suppressing Glaive
    • Overload Grenades
    • Inferno Whip
  • Column 5: 14 Artifact unlocks
    • Suppression Mastery
    • Devouring Depths
    • Volatile Flow
    • Energy Vampirism
    • Suppressive Darkness