Demon Slayer‘s anime is on the top of its recognition right away, however the collection has additionally made numerous followers really feel prefer it may very well be a a lot larger franchise saga. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba‘s storyline solely covers a number of years of time within the Demon Slayer Corps’ battle in opposition to demon overlord Muzan Kibutsuji, however the historical past of the Demon Slayers that the collection continually references is however a small style of an extended story many followers need to see!

As you’ll be able to see within the Reddit submit under, there are numerous Demon Slayer followers which can be preserving a candle burning for a prequel collection that is set within the Sengoku period of the collection – also called The Golden Age of the Demon Slayers. Now, because of Demon Slayer Season 3, the historical past of the Demon Slayers is one thing the bigger fanbase is beginning to grow to be more and more inquisitive about, resulting in renewed requires a whole collection that explores. it.

And, given what Demon Slayer has already established about its personal historical past, a prequel set within the Sengoku Period looks like a simple win for the franchise.


What Is Demon Slayer’s Sengoku Period?

I dunno if its been stated earlier than however id actually like a derivative collection primarily based across the Sengoku Period Hashiras. It will give us an opportunity to see Michikatsu and Yorrichi of their prime.
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The Sengoku interval of Japan is called the “Warring States Interval” when civil wars and main social upheavals stored Japan in a state of cultural flux all through the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. In Demon Slayer‘s lore, this era existed 500 years earlier than Tanjiro’s story, when the Demon Slayer Corps was at its strongest – particularly with legendary hero Yoriichi Tsugikuni at its forefront.

The story of Yoriichi has Shakespearean-level drama woven into it, making him the uncommon prequel protagonist who can be as compelling because the hero followers beloved within the authentic collection (Tanjiro).


Yoriichi’s story of being an virtually divine youngster prodigy with a sword evolves into one in all him and his older twin brother Michikatsu Tsugikuni, slowly rising other than each other, as Yoriichi’s unequalled ability causes envy to develop in Michikatsu’s coronary heart. Yoriichi goes on to develop the respiratory types that give Demon Slayers their energy and helps practice highly effective Hashira whereas dispatching demons all the way in which up the chain to Muzan himself, who solely narrowly escaped Yoriichi’s justice, and was eternally scarred.

Outdoors the deeper story of Yoriichi and Michikatsu Tsugikuni, now we have shreds of knowledge that counsel the Demon Slayer prequel’s Hashira and Higher/Decrease rank demons can be simply as enjoyable to see within the collection as the primary gamers are.

Would you like a Demon Slayer prequel collection set within the Sengoku Period?