Deep Rock Galactic
Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is an squad-based shooter. Enor Pearl is one of the most useful item that can be used to acquire new equipment and upgrades. It can be also utilised to sell in return for Credits. In this guide we will see where we can find Enor Pearls easily.

Enor Pearls may be found in three places: Salt Pits, Sandblasted Corridors, and Radioactive Exclusion Zone.

Enor Pearls, in general, appear to be buried under the surface. That implies you’ll have to find them and then burrow somewhat to get them.

The Salt Pits and Sandblasted passages are where you’ll discover the Enor Pearls the quickest. You can also try your luck in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone.

Deep Rock Galactic Enor Pearl Location and Farming

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