Dead by Daylight Twisted Masquerade
Image via Behaviour Interactive

In the latest Dead by Daylight event, “Twisted Masquerade,” players can nab a trifecta of charms. Rancid Cupcake, Pop-Up Card, and Celebratory Skull are coming to the game to celebrate it’s sixth anniversary. In addition, the latest killer and survivor are receiving a luxurious facelift with new colors and a new outfit.

How to Unlock All Charms in Twisted Masquerade

To unlock the Rancid Cupcake, Pop-Up Card, and Celebratory Skull charms, players will need to complete Event Tome challenges. Speaking of the Event Tome, each level will include a Community Challenge track, where players can unite in pursuit of a universal goal. According to the official Dead by Daylight website:

“You’ll notice a pair of bars present in each challenge — these are the personal and global progression bars, with the latter being a culmination of the community’s combined efforts. Contribute by filling your personal contribution bar, as you won’t be able to progress to the next challenge until you do — even if the global progression bar is full.”

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These celebratory charms are meant to serve as mementos of your time participating in the event. Be sure to nab them while you can! The “Twisted Masquerade” event runs from June 16 to June 30.

What Is the Twisted Masquerade?

Dead by Daylight’s “Twisted Masquerade” event commemorates the game’s sixth anniversary. Starting June 16 and running until June 30, players will recognize cosmetic changes to select in-game items. As players fight to survive, they could come across an invitation. Successfully claiming invitations can net them up to 12 collectible cosmetic masks: six for killers and six for survivors.