Minecraft is getting Dungeons & Dragons DLC. Revealed through the D&D Direct livestream on Tuesday, the DLC pack will embrace themed tilesets, areas, enemies, and a ten-hour narrative journey set within the Forgotten Realms.

The tilesets aren’t simply fantasy stuff: They embrace the precise objects used to play D&D: books, cube, board video games, and even a DM display screen to hold pesky gamers’ eyes off the rolls (I am notably keen on the pizza field they included within the trailer). 

On the fantasy facet, “5 iconic Forgotten Realms areas” are included, two of that are Candlekeep and Icewind Dale, and there is clearly a shot of the Underdark there as effectively. Gamers will be capable of play as a barbarian, paladin, wizard, or rogue on an journey that enables them to “customise their characters’ stats and roll 20-sided cube to find out the right way to proceed in fully-voiced dialogue.” 

Additionally included are numerous basic Dungeons and Dragons beasties. Displacer beasts, beholders, gelatinous cubes, and mimics all make appearances (why is it all the time mimics?). 

Should you’re a fan of enjoying D&D on the tabletop, they’ve additionally launched a Monstrous Compendium on D&D Past that options critters from the Minecraft universe, like Creepers and Endermen.

The DLC pack is due out quickly and requires Minecraft: Bedrock Version to run.