days gone
days gone

Days Gone is a great game, so the tips and tricks are very useful in helping you fight and survive in the apocalyptic world- full of angry not-zombies -the Freakers. Then there is a motorcycle to be maintained and upgraded, the bandits are ready to ambush you, the camp helps and so on. Surviving in the days is ready for what is about to happen: if you wander carelessly or don’t know what to look for, things can go wrong quickly. There are too many threats lurking in the shadows, and there are countless dangers to overcome, so please pay close attention to these “Days Gone” tricks, you will become a survival expert, able to defeat everything that hinders your progress.

Quick save whenever you’re near your bike

It’s a boring Days Gone tip to kick things off, but remember to hold triangle and quick save every time you ride the bike. You never know when you will be attacked by horde and be hurt by a large number of monsters, but if you do quick saves often, it won’t set you back too far.

Unlock the Field Repairs melee skill as soon as possible

When you unlock the first skill point, we strongly recommend that you use the “Field Repairs melee skill”. In this way, you can repair all the melee weapons you find, so you can continue to use them and prevent them from breaking. Your spare starting knife is not strong at all, so it would be better to hold those baseball bats and planks.

Your flashlight will attract enemies

Turning on the flashlight at night is obviously helpful for seeing things, but the freakers will be attracted by the bright light. It lets them know exactly where you are, so some good advice from Days Gone is if you are sneaking around some unsuspecting enemies, press the arrow keys to turn off the flashlight.

Fuel cans always respawn in the same spot

If you run out of fuel, look for the red fuel tank. These will cheer you 100%, and a great secret to remember is that when you leave the area and return, it will reappear where you found it. You can also place them close to the enemy and shoot them to explode.

Choose carefully which attribute to boost with NERO injectors

At every NERO research site and NERO checkpoint, you can find white boxes with NERO syringes inside. These allow you to improve three main attributes: health, stamina, and focus. Each NERO Injector will increase your selected attributes by 25 each time. Health itself is self-evident, because it will make you suffer more damage, while stamina increases the time to run, jump, and roll.

On the other hand, focus only makes sense if you have acquired the “Focus Shot” long-range skill, and you can enable the slow-motion bullet time skill by aiming down and clicking the right stick. Increasing your focus attribute will extend this ability, which is very suitable for destroying tribes or shooting secretly among predators in ambush camps.

Get the Green Thumb and The Butcher survival skills asap

Increasing your level of trust in the various campsites around the map is essential to advance and unlock your bike and new weapon upgrades. The fastest way is to complete activities in various areas and sell plant and animal meat in the kitchen. A great tip for Days Gone is to acquire the Green Thumb and The Butcher skills, which will double the amount of plants and meat you get, which means you can earn trust faster and save the amount of grinding you have to do.

Cut down all NERO Checkpoint speakers before turning on the power

This is one of the secrets of Days Gone that really saves lives-at every NERO Checkpoint, you have to refuel the generator before you can open the door. However, turning on the power will also turn on all connected power sources, including the speakers.

For decades, zombie movies has taught us that zombies will immediately stick to loud sounds. Reach the main checkpoint building, and hold the square next to the speakers, cut through them with a guide knife, if not, install the suppressor and shoot. Otherwise, there may be a group of people waiting when you show up.

Fast travel to discovered NERO Checkpoints to restock on resources

We mentioned that fuel tanks will reappear, but did you know that resources have the same effect in NERO Checkpoints? If you are short of items such as bandages, medicine cabinets, garbage, and kerosene, you can quickly switch between all NERO checkpoints and replenish them. There are always one or two fuel tanks in each tank, so you will never run out of gasoline.

Burn out nests to free up fast travel routes

The infestation zone is scattered all over the world and is essentially a nest of monsters. You can burn them with Molotov or fuel cans to destroy them, and once the infested area is cleared, you will be able to traverse them quickly, so be sure to do so as soon as you find them.

Watch out for traps and snipers

In and around the ambush camp, there are many traps lurking, such as bear traps, trip nets and even snipers. Human enemies are as dangerous as monsters, so watch out for traps on the ground as you can dismantle them before activating them. The sniper’s red laser sight is also a great gift, so you can knock it down without any problems.