days gone
days gone

Sony’s previous PlayStation exclusive game “Days Gone” has now been released for PC, giving more players the opportunity to explore zombie-infested open-world games. A lot of new players are joining, and some options in the game are bugging some players, like deciding whether to take drugs in Tucker or Copeland.

For gamers, this choice appears to be an important decision, but in fact it did not affect the main narrative of “Days Gone”. However, if the player chooses one person over another, some privileges can be obtained. This is not an option that players should be concerned about, but this guide can help players determine the most suitable method of play for them.

If the player takes the hideout to Copeland’s camp, they will get some bike upgrade opportunities. Either way, players will eventually be able to update both fields, regardless of the decision they choose. It seems the best way is to take the drugs in Tucker, because for those who struggle in combat, the gun upgrades will prove more useful.

There really isn’t much. If someone is playing games while shooting and doesn’t care too much about Deacon’s motorcycle upgrade, then handing the stash to Tucker is the ideal choice. However, Copeland can also be a good choice for those who can play in more difficult scenarios and prefer bike upgrades to lead the world.

Now that players have made their choice and continue to take their chances, they can look forward to unlocking the secret ending to the Days Gone bonus, which will definitely make players want more.

Unfortunately, it was revealed that Days Gone 2 didn’t happen, because Sony was reported to have rejected the game’s sequel due to the overall low score Days Gone got from gaming outlets.