Days Gone
Days Gone

Days Gone NERO Syringe is vital to progress. Whenever you find the location of the Days Gone NERO Syringe, usually at the NERO Research Station or NERO Checkpoint, you can use them to increase your health, stamina, and focus (a slow-motion aiming ability that can be unlocked). The grinding of Days Gone can be difficult, and when you need to explore to find these important resources, your journey between checkpoints and through nature is full of danger. This is why the best chance of survival means finding these Days Gone NERO syringes to improve your statistics and find them quickly with minimal risk.

These amazing Days Gone NERO Injectors wunder-drugs can be located at NERO checkpoints, and once you get them, they will also double as fast travel points. The rest of the upgrade projects may be in NERO research stations, which are always difficult to reach and usually require some creative travel to reach them. If you cannot reach the injector area, increase the bike’s speed and nitrous boost. The booster may provide you with the boost you need to reach your destination and find the Days Gone NERO injector that you couldn’t reach at first.

Days Gone NERO Injectors location

There are 30 Days Gone NERO Injectors, so you can collect 10 of each skill in total, and you may not want to collect only one upgrade to get started, but you can develop all the skills together. However, if you are struggling in the game, you should pay attention to the following points:

Health – Useful for general games, but only necessary after you encounter more dangerous enemies.

Stamina – This is very important for escape, especially in the early stages of the game, when you may encounter a horde by chance and have no stamina to escape.

Focus – You need to unlock the “Focus Shot” skill to use this feature, but if you are facing the horde, this will be invaluable because it allows you to slow-mo aim .