days gone
days gone

Throughout the game, you can find Days Gone IPCA technology, although you don’t know why until the end. However, if you collect them all, you will unlock a secret weapon, so it’s really worth it. The problem is that you can’t unlock until the credits are shown in “Days Gone.” Therefore, below we will outline all the Days Gone IPCA technical locations on the map, and how to get the secret weapon.

Once you have all the Days Gone IPCA technology, the entire process of assembling the secret weapon revolves around unlocking a secret Days Gone ending. After completing all the requirements, you will find the use of Days Gone IPCA technology to build secret NERO weapons. However, to do this, you must find 18 IPCA technologies, so please follow our guidelines as we cover all IPCA technology locations.

You can only find “Days Gone” IPCA technology at NERO checkpoints or research sites, where you will also find NERO injectors. This technique only appears on white suited NERO scientists, and these scientists can be well hidden. You will need to pay attention to various decomposition states, corpse fragments, and parts that are partially buried or darkened. The point is that the wreckage will always wear what is left of a white hazmat suit. Because they are not always obvious, and not all NERO locations have one, you may need to open some searches.

The map below will help you relocate all the NERO research sites you might have missed, because once the NERO injectors are used, they will disappear from the map. On the other hand, checkpoints can be used as fast travel markers, so they are always visible on the map.

Days Gone

How to get the Days Gone Secret Weapon

Okay, the final secret mission completed after completing the game will provide you with the secret to making “unknown NERO weapons”. The formula will remain in your muzzle until you have the 18 IPCA technologies required for production.

If you use all the techniques you can find to make it, you will get the IPCA stun gun originally used by Siphon Filter star Gabe Logan (a PS1 era Sony Bend game). It even carries the initials for Gabe. If you don’t release the trigger, it will not only stun the enemies you hit, it will also set them on fire. It’s evil, but it’s funny.