Henry Cavill, star of The Witcher on Netflix, is beloved in our hearts as a novel mix of suave chat, Olympian physique, and true-blue PC gamer cred. During a Geeked Week livestream for one more hit Netflix show, Stranger Things, we heard from the person who might be the Anti-Henry: David Harbour, who regaled the viewers along with his personal wonderful however considerably totally different expertise with videogames.

Harbour’s story of woe begins across the 17-minute mark of the chat, when host Felicia Day mentions that she and Harbour had not too long ago been speaking about World of Warcraft. “Oh my god, the most embarrassing thing in my existence,” Harbour says.

“In 2005 I played the shit out of this game. It ruined my life for like a year. I mean, I was like out of my mind. I was wildly addicted to this videogame. I was a Night Elf warrior called Norad, and he was second tank of my whole guild.”

Day, no stranger to WoW herself, requested if Harbour was a raider, and he rapidly confirmed that he was, whereas his co-star Winona Ryder stared at him silently, with an intent look of concern mounted on her face. Harbour then defined that whereas World of Warcraft ruined his life, it took one other, very totally different game to make him notice it.

“It’s so funny, because I also played The Sims. You ever play The Sims?” he went on. “You could be an actor on the Sims. You can progress in your career, but what you have to do is, like, work on things. You have to work on your speech and on your body, right?

“I keep in mind my avatar acquired to a sure stage in his profession, and I saved making an attempt to get him to work on his speech. He was like a supporting participant, however I needed him to work on his speech and his physique, and all he needed to do was sit round and play videogames. And then I used to be like, whoa who whoa whoa, I had this vortex second where I noticed my life earlier than my eyes.”

(Image credit score: Netflix)

“An actor playing that game could really mess with your head,” Ryder interjected.

“That’s what it did,” Harbour stated. “And that’s why my life was ruined.”

It clearly all labored out ultimately, although. The recently-released fourth season of Stranger Things is setting information, and the show is now headed for its fifth (and closing) season. Harbour additionally not too long ago scored himself a spot within the Marvel Cinematic Universe because the Soviet super-soldier Red Guardian. 

“I came back!” he stated, “I’m the comeback kid. I’m the Tyson Fury of acting.”

Ryder, for her half, stated she’s simply an enormous film fan: When she was a child, her fantasy was to purchase a movie show and change all of the seats with a mattress and a tub so she may watch films all day, each day. “Yo Netflix, if you need your next reality show, all you need to do is buy a theater and a bathtub and a bed, and have Winona Ryder watch movies for her whole life,” Harbour stated. “I will watch that show. I will watch the shit out of that show.”