Although Elden Ring was released just earlier this year, players are already eager for DLC. Well, they may get their wish soon. A few dedicated programmers have dug through recent updates to find traces of a potential expansion. On top of that, it looks like support for ray tracing may be in the works as well. While still unconfirmed, the details behind the discovery are thorough and in-depth, to say the least.

Elden Ring DLC And Ray Tracing

Elden Ring is the most recent entry in From Software’s Soulslike family of games. The game boasts a huge world absolutely filled to the brim with detail. Players can sink hundreds of hours into it without seeing it all. And yet, it appears that there are already plans to expand it.

As reported by PC Gamer, dataminers have gone through the game’s level list and found something interesting. It’s an oddly named file that seems to hint at an upcoming location. Further examination also teases the introduction of ray tracing, which will drastically affect the physical behavior of in-game lighting. The actual details are a bit technical, but dataminers Lance McDonald and Zullie the Witch have a promising track record.

From Software has a very distinct style, and Elden Ring embodies it to a fine degree. Players take control of a custom character exploring a bleak fantasy world that’s on the brink of ruin. They’ll need to explore both dungeons and the wilderness in order to reach the end of their quest. In their way are a number of dangerous enemies and even more dangerous boss fights. With an expansion that appears to be on the horizon, players will need all the practice they can get.

Not even a year old, Elden Ring still remains one of the most popular and successful games of 2022. While the base game still has plenty to uncover, dataminers have given hope that some DLC areas and ray tracing lighting are on the way.

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