Fatshark’s co-op Ogryn celebration simulator Warhammer 40,000: Darktide has been in preorder beta for slightly below every week, and in that point gamers have been stating varied points. Chief amongst these points: crashes. Whereas I have been fortunate sufficient to solely have Darktide crash on me twice, loads of others have discovered it to be much less secure. 

The patch notes for model 1.0.7 establish six several types of crashes which have now been purged: matchmaking crashes, cutscene alt-tabbing crashes, falling-out-of-bounds crashes, crashes brought on by beginning a mission with a particular feat outfitted, crashes brought on by sure weapon traits, and a number of crashes brought on by the Beast of Nurgle. As if we did not have sufficient causes to hate Beasts of Nurgle already.

Fatshark says that, whereas most of the causes of crashes have been handled, “there may be one massive class of crashes manifested as ‘GPU-hangs’, that in all probability nonetheless will show its ugly face at occasions. That mentioned, we’re on trajectory to have a secure game on the time of launch due largely to the numerous gamers which are serving to present us with the required knowledge to assist deal with these points.” Collectively all of us do our half to serve the Graphics Card Imperium.

As for brand spanking new options added by this update, the massive one is Oska Krall the Barber-Chirurgeon. This blood-spattered member of the Mourningstar’s crew could be discovered within the hub, where he affords the possibility to return into character customization and tinker along with your face, hair, scars, and tattoos. When you’re beginning to remorse that droopy moustache or wish to roll a full-blown Ogryn-Orson Welles, now you may lastly eliminate it. Although Krall mentions a value, it is presently free to switch your look.

This update additionally brings with it a giant honking block of textual content within the top-left of the display screen that claims “Pre-Order Beta Take a look at November 17-29, 2022.” Presumably it is there to assist out the numerous gamers who preordered Darktide so they might play the beta after which had been confused by the very fact it is a beta. Emperor protect us.

As for steadiness adjustments, the Psyker continues being reworked after a nerf from the preliminary beta was poorly acquired. The newest change removes the Peril price of pushing with the pressure sword, whereas barely lowering its vary. “Peril price continues to be there on the push follow-up, although,” Fatshark says, “which ought to assist to steadiness its potential to disregard the stagger discount.”

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Some weapons have been improved, making infantry autoguns, shredder autopistols, and Ogryn bully golf equipment extra worthwhile decisions. The assault attributes of ranged minions have been adjusted, and the pacing of spawns as properly. Now, Fatshark says, “Locking the forces of chaos in melee must be a bit smoother whereas clamping down among the extra insane spikes within the pacing.”

Lastly, being rescued or revived will now be proven in third-person, and a bug I am type of unhappy I by no means noticed that precipitated “varied points where in the event you look straight down, the third-person character’s head will twist and rotate 180 levels” has been mounted.

If you would like to learn extra, listed below are the total notes:

  • Stability/Bugs/Fixes
  • Mounted a major quantity of crashes – matchmaking crashes each on server and consumer.
  • Mounted “caught in place 1” queuing concern
  • Addressed most of the lack of XP in development points
  • Mounted crashes that might happen when tabbing out whereas watching a cinematic
  • Mounted crashes when a participant fell out of bounds
  • Mounted points within the credit score retailer where it was not possible to purchase issues with in-game foreign money
  • Mounted points where the third-person digicam would comply with the participant when falling out of bounds.
  • Mounted points where the Tigrus Mk II Heavy Eviscerator harm stat didn’t work as meant, harm defaulted to 50%. Now ought to scale harm correctly.
  • Mounted points where the beginning animation of a heavy assault with the Thunder Hammer may get caught.
  • Mounted a number of crashes brought on by the Beast of Nurgle.
  • Mounted crashes that might happen when leaving the Mourningstar to move on a mission when having a particular trait outfitted.
  • Mounted crashes that might happen with sure weapon traits.
  • Mounted points where a participant may full the ‘Up Shut and Private’ Penance with out assembly the suitable standards.
  • Mounted points where Veteran Sharpshooter’s ‘Masking Hearth’ didn’t work appropriately.
  • Mounted points with Zealot’s expertise descriptions not matching what they really do.
  • Mounted varied points where in the event you look straight down, the third-person character’s head will twist and rotate 180 levels.
  • Mounted a difficulty where gamers would generally spawn with each weapons in hand.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Ogryn’s Grenade Field collides with the first weapon on block.
  • Mounted a difficulty with the Armory where the inventory could sometimes be refreshed prematurely earlier than the timer ought to have elapsed.
  • Added codes to be displayed alongside errors.
  • Mounted a difficulty where “Toughness harm discount” results did not work vs. melee harm. (each abilities and coherency results)
  • Mounted a difficulty where Zealots “Regain toughness whereas in melee” expertise did not set off correctly.
  • Rebalancing/Gameplay tweaks
  • Veteran expertise steadiness go, bleeding.
  • Zealot expertise steadiness go, toughness, and bleeding updates.
  • Ogryn steadiness go and grenade quantities adjusted.
  • Ogryn membership, assault combo adjusted. Injury values elevated in opposition to sure enemy varieties.
  • Ogryn shovel elevated mobility
  • Adjusted pacing w/ enemy characters, hordes, and spawns
  • Further Psyker gameplay changes, together with elimination of a ‘push’ cost price for the Power Sword
  • Bump up for autoguns and autopistols
  • Ranged Minions assault attributes adjusted
  • Participant Interactions
  • Modified revive/rescue/pullup states to be third particular person
  • Deepening Customization
  • Added Chirurgeon of the Mourningstar