Properly, effectively, effectively. It seems to be like Cyberpunk 2077 is lastly about to return full circle. 

When it launched in 2020 it was completely baffling that you simply could not alter your character’s look after creating them—you could not even change your hair type or nail polish when you began taking part in. The rationale, we found quickly after launch, was that the game wasn’t completed, and it might take till the massive 1.5 update in 2022 for CD Projekt so as to add the characteristic to Cyberpunk 2077 that lastly allow you to change your look.

And in September’s Cyberpunk 2077’s enlargement, Phantom Liberty, you can change your look on the fly, because of some fascinating new cyberware. On the Xbox Video games Showcase Prolonged at the moment, Paweł Sasko, quest director, gave us slightly take a look at the enlargement’s new location, Dogtown, and talked about a few of the new cyberware you can purchase on the black market.

“Just like the air-dash, or the flexibility to see enemies via the partitions, or change your look to lose the warmth,” Sasko stated.

These all sound extraordinarily helpful, particularly for those who can mix air-dash with the “fortified ankles” and “strengthened tendons” that permit you double-jump—heck, you could by no means have to the touch the bottom once more. Seeing enemies via partitions additionally seems like one thing that would have been in Cyberpunk 2077 from the get-go—RoboCop might do it, I do not see why we should not.

And with the ability to change your look, not whereas standing at a mirror or sitting in a ripperdoc’s chair, that sounds superior. Kind of like getting a brand new paint job in GTA whereas being chased by the fuzz. Solely as an alternative of a automobile, it is your physique!

I am unsure how this cyberware works—Sasko did not say and the footage did not show it—however I would wager it is some kind of a hologram that tasks over your face or possibly even your physique and clothes, reasonably than some equipment that actually reconfigures your look. That could be fairly painful.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty arrives on September 25, and prices $30. Morgan obtained his fingers on a demo at Not-E3 this weekend, and you may examine him saving the president and turning into BFFs with Idris Elba.