CD Projekt Red has deployed Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners update 1.6 throughout all platforms, and we’ve bought you lined with the total launch notes.

The Polish developer already offered some more information concerning the new Edgerunners update earlier right now, and we now know what this new patch truly does through the official patch notes.

The new update brings quite a few gameplay fixes and enhancements throughout all platforms but additionally contains some platform-specific modifications, together with a brand new Xbox Series S efficiency mode. This new mode targets 60FPS in 900p decision with dynamic decision scaling. In addition, the Edgerunners updates provides cross-progression between totally different platforms, permitting gamers to proceed their game on a distinct platform. Also included with the 1.6 patch are a bunch of latest weapons, a brand new wardrobe function, and far more. Down beneath you’ll discover the official notes.

Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners Update 1.6 Release Notes



Wardrobe permits you to change the looks of your outfit with out altering your armor stats. You can create as much as 6 outfits utilizing the items of clothes you personal by accessing the wardrobe in any of V’s flats and safehouses after which change between them within the Inventory panel.

3 New Gigs

Fixers will provide you with 3 new gigs:

  • Concrete Cage Trap
  • Desperate Measures
  • Nasty Hangover

New weapons

6 new firearms:

  • Kappa (Smart Pistol)
  • Senkoh LX (Tech Submachine Gun)
  • Hypercritical Iconic Precision Rifle (obtainable in Gig: Concrete Cage Trap)
  • VST-37 (Power Shotgun)
  • MA70 HB (Power Light Machine Gun)
  • Kyubi (Power Assault Rifle)

5 new melee weapons:

  • Neurotoxin Knife (+ Iconic variant Blue Fang)
  • Punknife (+ Iconic variant Headhunter)
  • Claw (Axe)
  • Razor (Machete)
  • Cut-O-Matic (Chainsword)


Added a Cross-progression function between platforms. Your newest saves might be routinely uploaded to the cloud so you may proceed where you left off simply on different platforms. Cross-progression supplies the most recent save for each save sort (Quick, Auto, Manual, and many others.). Feature turns into out there after you log in together with your account (from Main Menu or the in-game Load Game menu). Cross-progression could also be restricted relating to console variations with regional restrictions, you will discover extra particulars right here.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners content material

Added some secrets and techniques associated to the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime collection to be found in Night City, together with new gear and new Photo Mode options.

Arcade game: Roach Race

You can now play a model new mini game utilizing arcade machines positioned in Night City, together with those within the Northside, Japantown and The Glen flats. Climb the leaderboard to earn particular prizes together with money and objects! If you are having fun with Roach Race in Cyberpunk 2077, try the cellular model for Android and iOS. Remember that your excessive scores within the in-game and cellular variations are separate, although.

Nibbles in Photo Mode

You can now take photographs of Nibbles in Photo Mode! While in Photo Mode, go to the “Pose” tab and select Nibbles within the “Character” part. Please be aware that this feature turns into out there solely after you invite Nibbles to V’s residence.


  • Inverted digicam axis will now additionally apply to Photo Mode.
  • Increased the digicam rotation angle in Photo Mode from 60/-60 to 90/-90 levels, making vertical shots potential.
  • Added an possibility to change V’s face and physique at Ripperdoc clinics.
  • V will not repeatedly fidget in Character Creation anymore.
  • Fixed a difficulty where it wasn’t potential to choose up loot from drones.
  • Fixed a difficulty where it was inconceivable to choose up loot if it was utterly or partially obstructed by foliage collision.
  • Fixed NPC response when bumping into them.
  • Fixed a difficulty where panicked NPCs have been idling or crouching as an alternative of utilizing a delegated “hands up” animation.
  • If NPCs have been staggered or knocked down whereas shooting, they may now proceed to shoot aimlessly.
  • Adjusted some automobiles to the brand new Burn Out Mode launched in Patch 1.5 and polished the tunes on many others.
  • Added a brand new AWD efficiency variant of the Thorton Colby referred to as the CST40.
  • Fixed a difficulty where automobiles went in reverse when braking at low speeds.
  • Fixed a difficulty where jacking out of an Access Point shortly earlier than the hacking minigame begins after which finishing the minigame left the Access Point energetic, permitting to hook up with it once more.
  • Fixed a difficulty where the Biomonitor did not restore Health in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a difficulty where participant’s HP went down extremely quick beneath the impact of Burn if the NPC who utilized that impact used the Sandevistan sprint.
  • Lowered the promoting worth of the Target Analysis mod and altered the quantity of crafting elements required to craft it.


  • Changed stats of the Stinger Iconic Knife. Attacks towards poisoned enemies will now have a 100% likelihood to trigger bleeding. Attacks towards bleeding enemies can have a 100% likelihood to trigger poison.
  • Rearranged weapons from the Long Blade class to totally different classes:
  • Moved the Chef’s Knife to the Knife class.
  • Moved the Tomahawk from Blunt weapons to Blades and positioned along with the brand new Claw axe within the new Axe class.
  • Moved the Machete and the Kukri to the brand new Machete class along with the brand new Razor machete.
  • Replaced the usual Butcher’s Cleaver with an Iconic model. If a participant owned a Butcher’s Cleaver, it will likely be changed with a Knife. If a participant owned a crafting recipe for Butcher’s Cleaver, they are going to be granted a Knife recipe of matching rarity.
  • Balanced Sniper Rifles. Sniper Rifles ought to now be solely capable of one-shot enemies after the participant invests on this weapon archetype. Lowered injury output for the Overwatch Sniper Rifle. The Nekomata Sniper Rifle will now be simpler to deal with whereas charging.
  • Lowered the value of the Slaught-O-Matic Power Pistol out there for buy from merchandising machines.
  • Sir John Phallustiff will now have a brand new Iconic impact, rising injury when hitting NPCs within the face. It may also have an opportunity to stun enemies with robust assaults. Gamepads will now be continually vibrating whereas holding the weapon.
  • The O’Five Sniper Rifle will now have a brand new Iconic impact, inflicting larger explosions that may mild the targets on fireplace. The extra enemies are burning, the larger are the buffs the participant is attending to Crit Chance and Reload Speed. It will now include a novel scope and require 20 Body to equip.
  • The Divided We Stand Assault Rifle will now have a brand new Iconic impact. Bullets will now have a higher likelihood to overlook the goal, with an opportunity to blow up into Biohazard clouds. Biohazard clouds are guaranted to poison close by enemies.
  • The Yinglong Submachine Gun will now have a brand new Iconic impact. The likelihood to trigger EMP explosions has been considerably elevated. Clip dimension has been elevated to assist wreak havoc with EMP explosions.
  • Removed the scope slot from Tech Precision Rifles (M-179 Achilles and Widow Maker). If the participant owned such a rifle with a scope hooked up, the scope might be eliminated and positioned within the stock.
  • Different forms of knives will now have their very own specified return occasions indicated of their tooltip.
  • Fixed a difficulty where Skippy had extraordinarily low DPS on saves made on Patch 1.3 and 1.31.
  • Fixed a difficulty where it was potential to purchase/craft ammo after reaching the ammo cap, losing cash/elements.
  • Fixed a difficulty where Mantis Blades with injury mods emitted blinding lights upon use.
  • Melee fast assaults will not apply standing results from the at present outfitted and drawn weapon anymore.


  • Added new poison perks – Corrosive Poison and Critical Antidote (Ninjutsu ability tree), changing Hasten the Inevitable and Neurotoxin perks respectively.
  • Fixed a difficulty where the Gun Whisperer perk did not work with the JKE-X2 Kenshin and the DR-12 Quasar.
  • Rebalanced the Long Shot perk. Now it grants bonus injury solely as much as a sure distance threshold.
  • Fixed a difficulty where crafting an merchandise utilizing an ingredient with a quest tag could not have eliminated that ingredient from the Inventory if the participant had the Ex Nihilo perk.


  • Added extra secrets and techniques in Night City to be found by gamers. Due to some technical challenges, this modification is not out there on the earlier era of consoles.
  • Various small fixes to interactions in V’s flats and safehouses.
  • V will now sleep in mattress for an period of time set by the participant.
  • Automatic Love – Fixed a difficulty where Lizzie’s Club was closed throughout common opening hours.
  • Dream On – Using the vents to climb to the roof from the key management room has been made simpler.
  • Epistrophy: The Glen, Epistrophy: Badlands – Quest will now be correctly failed if the participant destroys Delamain.
  • I’ll Fly Away – Scorpion’s automotive will not glitch whereas driving off the ramp.
  • Tapeworm – Fixed a difficulty where the coughing animation performed with a delay, inflicting visible points.
  • The Ballad of Buck Ravers – Karim’s Samurai merch is again in inventory and out there anytime at Cherry Blossom Market after finishing the search.
  • The Heist – Fixed a difficulty where taking out enemies utilizing a quickhack may end result within the non-obligatory goal “Wait for an opportunity to take out the guards” to stay till the top of the search.
  • The Hunt – Fixed a difficulty where saving the game may turn into completely disabled after the Braindance sequence.
  • The Pickup – Fixed a difficulty where leaving mid-quest may end in stopping all fight music.


  • Gig: Freedom of the Press – Fixed a difficulty where additional quests from Regina have been blocked if Max died throughout the gig.
  • Gig: Getting Warmer… – Fixed a difficulty of enemies spawning earlier than the gig began, whereby if killed, the participant could not use the coolant on 8ug8ear.
  • Gig: Getting Warmer… – Fixed Wakako’s automotive driving away slowly after which disappearing within the participant’s view.
  • Gig: Hot Merchandise – Fixed a difficulty where it was potential to kill Rebeca earlier than activating the gig, blocking progress.
  • Gig: Jeopardy – Fixed a difficulty where it was potential to speak to a few of the NPCs within the funeral house regardless of their being lifeless.
  • Gig: Olive Branch – Fixed a difficulty where the search was reactivated with the “Talk to the man in the trunk” goal if the automotive with Alex Pushkin blew up.
  • Gig: Playing for Keeps – Fixed NPCs’ incorrect reactions after a combat within the Kashuu Hanten Bar breaks out.
  • Gig: Trevor’s Last Ride – Fixed a difficulty where Trevor’s physique did not spawn within the freezer.
  • Fixed a difficulty where Psalm 11:6 may not have dropped in a Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Northside.
  • Added the Polycarbonate Nanoweave Techie Harness (outer torso piece from the Techie Set) as loot obtainable on the earth.
  • Added the Lightweight Hardened-Rubber Media Steel-Toes (Media Set footwear) as loot obtainable on the earth.
  • Readjusted the conditioning of some radio information associated to gigs. As a end result, there needs to be extra radio information performed in game.


  • Added merchandise preview in order that it is potential to see an merchandise on V before you purchase it.
  • Added an possibility to change off radio subtitles within the Sound class in Settings. They might be switched off by default.
  • Items positioned within the stash will now correctly show their financial worth within the tooltip.
  • Regarranged some choices and classes in Game Settings.
  • Fixed a difficulty where languages utilizing double-byte characters (Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese) displayed overlapping save file names and dates within the Load Menu display screen.
  • Fixed a difficulty where the variety of out there items of drugs for various slots did not update after disassembling gear.
  • Optimized efficiency within the Inventory and Vendor screens.
  • Fixed sure circumstances where a darkish rectangle may stay caught on the display screen.
  • Various small UI changes and enhancements within the Character Creation, Crafting and Messages menus, popups and quest tracker.
  • Added the power to allow extra content material by the Additional Content menu.
  • Fixed a difficulty where the variety of out there Attribute factors displayed on the display screen after leveling up was incorrect.


  • Neon rims on bikes now come in numerous colours.
  • Added new hairstyles in Character Creation.
  • Fixed sure cases where automobiles may spawn misaligned with the floor of the highway.
  • Fixed a difficulty where vehicles in visitors clipped into one another when Slow HDD mode was enabled.
  • Addressed a difficulty where floating and indestructible components have been current when destroying vehicles.
  • Improvemnets in Dynamic Resolution Scaling.
  • Fixed a difficulty where the final shot fired from a gun did not have a recoil animation.
  • Totalimmortal – Fixed the grass clipping by the ground on the best way to Yorinobu’s workplace.


  • Added SFX of reloading a weapon whereas carrying a physique.
  • Improved knife throwing SFX.
  • Stadium Love – sixth Street occasion music will now be louder.
  • I Fought The Law – Fixed a difficulty where triggering the combat with the thugs available in the market after which leaving the realm with out killing them induced the fight music to play indefinitely.


  • Adjusted graphics setting presets to supply a better high quality setup.
  • [Steam Deck] Fixed a difficulty where the devoted preset was making use of Ultra settings as an alternative of correctly crafted graphics settings.
  • [Steam Deck] Fixed a difficulty where the game grew to become unresponsive after making an attempt to vary Key Bindings.


  • [Xbox Series S] Added a brand new Performance Mode which could be enabled in Settings > Video > Graphics Mode. FPS is aiming at 60 in 900p with Dynamic Resolution Scaling (in 800p to 1080p vary).
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese assist for disc copies in Portugal (PlayStation codes: CUSA-16579 and CUSA-25194). For additional particulars on language assist see: Xbox, PlayStation.
  • Addressed a difficulty where switching between First Person Perspective and Third Person Perspective had a noticeable delay.
  • Addressed the difficulty with enter lag in Ray Tracing Mode on next-gen consoles.


  • Added the lacking key bindings for Toggle Walking and Holster Weapon keys.


  • Added assist for Razer Chroma.
  • Fixed the short-term FPS drops when opening the Map or Inventory on PC and Stadia.
  • Made some changes and enhancements to the Arabic language localization.


The following modifications take impact solely on the PC model of the game and as soon as the REDmod is put in.

Mod customers

  • Added assist for the brand new mods folder. New, REDmod appropriate mods needs to be positioned within the Cyberpunk 2077mods folder. The game nonetheless helps loading previous mods from the archive folder, however please understand that they won’t seem within the REDmod menu. New, REDmod appropriate mods needs to be added utilizing the brand new mods folder for the very best expertise.
  • Added -modded command line parameter to run the game with mods. This parameter additionally permits you to allow and disable mods utilizing REDlauncher and GOG Galaxy.
  • Expanded the telemetry performance to cowl mods-related information.

Mod creators

  • Added the power to load modified tweakdb.bin and .redscripts recordsdata.
  • Added the power to load mods.json descriptor for consumer’s put in mods.
  • Added a separate audiothread for audio modding.
  • Fixed some points with TweakDB reminiscence allocations.

Cyberpunk 2077 is offered globally now for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Stadia. As introduced right now by CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077 is getting an official enlargement, Phantom Liberty, on PC, Stadia, and next-gen consoles subsequent 12 months.

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