Driving recklessly is an open world game custom. Leaving a wake of smashed vehicles, useless pedestrians, and downed lampposts behind you is only a truth of life, whether or not you are racing off on a world-saving quest or simply driving to the shop to purchase a brand new pair of kicks. The wreckage, in the meantime, is all neatly cleaned up and there is not any signal of your wanton destruction the following time you go roaring previous that very same avenue nook.

It is probably not truthful to the residents of the world whose vehicles you sideswipe, ding, scratch, smash, or destroy, nevertheless, and now a mod has come alongside to at the least steadiness the scales a bit bit.

Noticed by PCGamesN, the Drive Rigorously mod for Cyberpunk 2077 creates a brand new unseen entity in Night time Metropolis: the NCID, or Night time Metropolis Insurance coverage Division. To any extent further, in case you bump, bang, smoosh, or scratch one other automobile when you’re driving, you may need to pay a nice.

The NCID is simply as invasive as these mantis blades you have obtained tucked inside your forearms. You, and all the populace of Night time Metropolis, have been enrolled within the insurance coverage plan, along with your checking account linked to the division’s unblinking digital eye. Whereas rushing round in your automobile, in case you hit one other car you may robotically be fined and the cash will immediately be deducted out of your pockets.

It is not a flat nice, both. There is a sliding scale for charges, with a head-on collision costing greater than a bit nudge of somebody’s rear bumper. The insurance coverage charges sometimes aren’t too devastating, with fines often totalling lower than 100 eddies for minor accidents, although in case you actually wish to punish your self (or be much more sensible about insurance coverage firms) you’ll be able to improve the quantity every collision will value you within the mod’s config file.

As with all bureaucratic methods, there’s a loophole and you’ll nonetheless get away with denting another person’s automobile with out paying a nice. Parked and unoccupied vehicles will not register with the NCID, so in case you’re feeling damaging you would possibly wish to confine your reckless driving to parking tons crammed with empty automobiles. Additionally, if the driving force of a automobile is useless or incapacitated (and I am not suggesting you had something to do with that) you’ll be able to ram their automobiles to your coronary heart’s content material and never get fined.

Sadly it would not sound just like the mod pays you if an NPC hits your automobile, however let’s face it, you are most certainly the primary explanation for accidents in Night time Metropolis. Decelerate, drive safely, and respect the principles of the street, willya? You’ll find the Drive Rigorously mod right here at Nexus Mods. It requires one other mod, Redscript, to get it working.