Critical Legends is a Roblox game in which you choose a category and enter the game’s adventure realm. In Critical Legends, you may fight insane bosses, unlock classes, and become a hero. As classes are an important aspect of this game, you must select the appropriate ones. Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a list of the Classes in the game according on how excellent they are. From S Tier to F Tier, this is a list of all the Classes in Critical Legends.

S Tier Book of Wish
S Tier Chaotic Defender
S Tier Hands of Hope
S Tier Immortal Sword
S Tier King Slime
S Tier Luna
S Tier Reality Breaker
S Tier Shotgun of Imagination
S Tier Timer Warden
S Tier Void King
S Tier Void Scythe
S TierStar Slayer
A Tier Awakened Dragon Brawler
A Tier Bandite Guns
A Tier Blue Slime
A Tier Fire and Ice
A Tier Golden Bow
A Tier Heart Shield
A Tier Holy Sword
A Tier King
A Tier Martial Artist T2
A Tier Martial Artists
A Tier Nature’s Staff
A Tier Scythe
A Tier Solar Eclipse Great Sword
B Tier Apple Tree
B Tier Dragon Brawler
B Tier Dual Guns
B Tier Flame Shield
B Tier Hex Staff
B Tier Longbow
B Tier Master Programmer
B Tier Powerful Spellbook
B Tier Priest Staff
B Tier Purple Slime
B Tier Solar Great Sword
B Tier Valkyrie Over Heaven
B Tier Venom Dagger
B Tier Venom Katana
B Tier Void Katana
B Tier Void Tiki
B TierOcean’s Blade
F Tier Apple Collector
F Tier Apprentice Staff
F Tier Boxer
F Tier Great Sword
F Tier Green Slime
F Tier Gun
F Tier Hunter’s Marksman
F Tier Katana
F Tier Programmer
F Tier Spellbook
F Tier Staff of Healing
F Tier Starter Shield
F Tier Tiki
F Tier Valkyrie Spear
F TierCombo Sword
F TierLongsword