Valve has introduced Counter-Strike 2 is on the way in which and all of the world is smiling. Effectively, almost all. Whereas loads of individuals are joyful to see Steam’s perennial most-played game getting a much-deserved update, no less than one different Valve game group feels, uh, a little uncared for by the eye lavished on CS2.

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Having spent a number of years prodding Valve about bot infestations and a normal lack of main updates, the Crew Fortress 2 group was barely bowled over by the sudden fanfare for CS2’s announcement. It is reacted in its normal method: Wry, forlorn resignation. And memes.

The TF2 group is not actually offended about CS2. Even customers nonetheless holding out hope for some form of TF2 information largely agree that “Valve undoubtedly made the fitting alternative” updating Counter-Strike first. In truth, gamers appear to have reached the acceptance stage of grief, on the entire, and are actually dedicated to wringing as a lot comedy as they’ll out of the game’s lengthy, sluggish journey into the afterlife. 

Take, for instance, the TF2 participant threatening to show every of the game’s characters into animals till the game will get a significant update. Or maybe the favored put up making enjoyable of the group for its response to Valve’s determination to update “one in every of if not the largest fps game of all time,” relatively than a “almost 2 decade previous game full of cheaters and bots that hardly runs on source spaghetti”.

r/tf2 customers when valve decides to work on an enormous update to one in every of if not the largest fps game of all time as a substitute of the almost 2 decade previous game full of cheaters and bots that hardly runs on source spaghetti from r/tf2

In the meantime, a put up sincerely, naively, optimistically asking if followers thought that CS2 indicated a doable update for TF2 was comprehensively answered by a single remark that obtained over 3,000 upvotes: “no”.

That is just about the tenor of the response wherever you look, besides the Steam boards, which largely consist of individuals discovering formidable and creative methods to insult one another. The TF2 group on Twitter, as an illustration, showcased the identical form of ironic stoicism, simply with extra gifs.

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That is to not say there’s no real upset on the a part of TF2 gamers, who nonetheless relatively like their game of alternative even when they’ve glumly accepted the truth that it is entered its twilight years. “I am not saying CS:GO is a foul game,” stated one participant named InstantClassic257, “I simply suppose TF2 deserves extra”. However even they appear extra resigned than offended: “Would I like an update like CS:GO? Fuck yeah I’d. Are we gonna get it? Extremely unlikely”. 

The closest factor to optimism I’ve seen in any response from a TF2 participant got here from the YouTuber SolarLight, who tweeted “TF2 followers, let’s attempt to not get too envious,” and that “Perhaps our day will are available one other decade”.

I have been racking my mind, and I believe TF2 is perhaps the one multiplayer FPS I’ve ever devoted any critical time to. Ordinary recluse that I’m, not one of the others ever tempted me, CS:GO included, however TF2’s comedian sensibilities and enjoyable mish-mash of classes led me to pour round 100 hours of my life into it an extended, very long time in the past. I’ve to offer props to the game’s group for (largely) accepting its present state of affairs with grace and humour, but when the game actually is not ever going to get a giant update, I hope it no less than will get a correct send-off in some unspecified time in the future. It deserves that a lot.