Each recent look we get at Palworld makes it seem extra enjoyable and but extra disturbing than it did earlier than. Palworld is a cartoony open world creature-collecting and battling game that’s closely impressed by Pokémon, however it’s additionally crammed with machine weapons and rocket launchers. 

And you are not the one one spitting lead: weapons aren’t simply utilized by you towards the monsters you are making an attempt to defeat and seize, however by the lovable and fluffy creatures themselves. Sure, sheep can function machine weapons and a creature that appears suspiciously like Pikachu on steroids does wield a large minigun.

We have already heard quite a lot of the unseemly issues you are able to do together with your Friends apart from pit them in battle towards one another. As an example, you may slaughter them and use them for meat. That is fairly darn grim—although I do need to admit it is also probably scrumptious. However there’s extra to do together with your Friends, as proven within the new Palworld video above. 

There is a base-building system, and so long as you may have some Friends you do not have to do the constructing by your self. We see that enormous offbrand Pikachu get captured by an orb, then launched and commanded to construct a furnace on the participant’s base. And the creature appears fairly completely happy to assist out by whanging on the furnace with a big hammer. At the least at first.

However as the bottom grows and an increasing number of Friends are captured and put to work, it does begin feeling a bit exploitative of cuddly creature labor. Quickly the bottom has sprawled to incorporate farming plots, storage crates, workbenches, and manufacturing equipment and conveyor belts, all being constructed by colourful creatures towards their will. And as soon as they’ve completed constructing these machines, they’ve to begin working them. It is laborious to not discover the enterprise a bit unseemly.

Person standing near pile of dead creatures

(Picture credit score: Pocketpair)

Whereas the bottom does look fairly spectacular close to the top of the video, the price of growth turns into clear once we’re proven the large pile of useless Friends stacked up, having been apparently labored to loss of life. We’re spared from no matter occurs to all these corpses, however I think extra Friends might be compelled to show the useless Friends into meals. Presumably to feed the subsequent wave of Friends.

Horrifying! But additionally weirdly enjoyable? You will be the decide subsequent 12 months: Palworld is about to launch in January 2024.