In an ideal instance of tried-and-true FPS ingenuity, please observe as this Overwatch 2 participant wins a match by hiding in a bush. In a second of good improv, Mercy participant Gladowl used an emote to lie down in a bush close to subsequent to the payload, obscuring them simply properly sufficient to hoodwink 5 enemy gamers and purchase time for his or her group to return.

What’s presumably the height of this explicit spotlight clip style was posted by SponsorTomix on Reddit with the title “I simply misplaced a comp game as a result of enemy Mercy was contesting the payload from a bush.”

I simply misplaced a comp game as a result of enemy Mercy was contesting the payload from a bush from r/Overwatch

Although gaming veterans have seen the ol’ “hunker and conceal” trick and its variations a thousand occasions, not less than going again to laying contained in the huts on Guadalcanal in Battlefield 1942, this explicit spin contains one among my favourite trendy twists. And by “favourite” I imply “the reason for infinite rage whereas enjoying Hell Let Free.”

That twist? It would not really work if you happen to’re not enjoying on max graphics.

PC gamers who flip down mannequin element to low are rewarded with bushes which can be a lot much less… bushy.  Certainly, they are not almost leafy sufficient to cover Mercy’s mannequin whereas she’s laying down in that spot or wherever else—and you may see by them higher, too, as many Widowmaker gamers will inform you. Console gamers are, naturally, completely screwed and may simply shoot bushes for funsies, typically.

The reddit feedback are wealthy with additional anecdotes, together with all kinds of professional suggestions as to easy methods to keep away from this trick getting used on you… in addition to a bunch of bushes on different maps you possibly can conceal in. Listed here are just a few, so you possibly can conceal in them to be a jerk/be looking out for artful jerks: Eichenwalde second level, Rialto first level, all these ones on Circuit Royale, and Havana, close to the spawn doorways.