Controversial Yae Miko change reverted in Genshin Impact

Image through HoYoverse

Yae Miko, a playable character launched in Version 2.5 of Genshin Impact, obtained some controversial adjustments in Version 2.6 of the game. Fans reacted to those adjustments in a considerably damaging method, and HoYoverse has determined to roll again these adjustments in response.

These adjustments concerned Yae Miko’s Elemental Skill, the Sesshou Sakura. The Sesshou Sakura is a deployable capacity that strikes close by enemies with lightning. The authentic performance of the flexibility focused enemies randomly, permitting the flexibility to unfold its harm and Electro utility amongst totally different enemies. However, HoYoverse modified the move in Version 2.6 to focus on enemies closest to the totems.

This created a difficulty where the flexibility would regularly goal untargetable enemies, like these with shields, and was in the end a internet nerf because the move would assault fewer enemies than regular. Fans have additionally identified that the change trivializes her Constellation 2, which will increase the assault vary of her totems by 60%.

Due to damaging fan reception, HoYoverse has rolled again the adjustments and given gamers 100 Primogems as compensation. They launched the next message to all gamers’ mailboxes:

“We have made a rollback to the change to the character Yae Miko, whereby her Sesshou Sakura ability prioritizes attacks on the nearest opponent within range. After the rollback, Sesshou Sakura will randomly attack an enemy within range. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused in your gaming experience.”

Controversial Yae Miko change reverted in Genshin Impact