Despite rumors unfold by a singing crab, it is not often higher down where it is wetter. Very few good issues ever occur underneath the ocean, particularly in relation to the development of submerged cities—or so I assumed till I noticed the gameplay trailer for Aquatico, a survival metropolis builder set on the backside of the ocean. Rapture might have been an unmitigated catastrophe, nevertheless it seems like issues are going fairly easily right here.

In Aquatico you are not constructing an underwater metropolis simply to dodge taxes like Andrew Ryan, however as a result of the floor world is now an utter wasteland and the remnants of humanity have fled beneath the waves for shelter. Down on the seabed you may assemble manufacturing and industrial buildings, whereas the degrees above are capped with large domes and dedicated to housing, leisure, and different buildings to your residents.

And whilst you’re developing your undersea metropolis you may even be performing some exploring. Send out expeditions, Frostpunk-like, within the type of drones and submarines to find new assets. You can even see mechs striding round on the seafloor within the trailer, pipelines stretching between buildings to maneuver assets, and loads of curious sea creatures like sharks and manta rays swimming round your metropolis. There’s additionally a bit coronary heart proven within the UI—your submerged citizenry will should be saved greater than dry, they will should be saved comfortable as nicely.

It seems fairly neat and regardless of all horrible and terrifying unhealthy underwater experiences in videogames, I’m undoubtedly enthusiastic about managing and rising a metropolis underneath the ocean. Aquatico is not the one underwater metropolis constructing game we have noticed not too long ago: Molly wrote about Abyssals, which appeared on The PC Gaming Show, although that metropolis builder takes place on an alien waterworld as an alternative of on the backside of an earthbound ocean.

Aquatico is being developed by Digital Reef Games at the side of Overseer Games, who printed the wonderful (aboveground) survival metropolis builder Patron. There’s no launch date for Aquatico past Q3 2022, however that is not all that far-off. Here’s its web page on Steam.