I’ve all the time thought the sci-fi universe seen in Quake 2 and 4 would make a powerful foundation for an RTS. Whereas the unique game’s setting is a hazy mixture of fantasy and futurism that emerged from its troubled growth, the sequel had a way more coherent id. Its interstellar struggle between human troopers and Strogg cyborgs felt extremely fleshed out for a shooter on the time, and whereas it could appear staid after years of shooters about area marines, I’ve all the time had a mushy spot for it.

Which is why Sudden Quake grabbed my consideration like a Strogg berserker driving its arm-spike by means of an area marine’s chest. It is a mod for the obscure World Conflict 2 RTS Sudden Strike 3, however it replaces all these gray Nazi tanks with the assorted human and Strogg forces as portrayed in 1997’s Quake 2, and Raven’s 2005 shooter Quake 4.

Created by modder Kane Peterson, Sudden Quake had its preliminary launch again in February, however has simply obtained a meaty update including a bunch of latest options. “Sudden Strike 3 has no inhabitants restrict and handles enormous quantities of destruction and craters,” writes Peterson on the game’s ModDB web page. “That is carried by means of into Sudden Quake. This implies monumental battles between 1000’s of marines and monstrous cyborgs, with no restrict to the dimensions of the destruction.”

The mod’s nonetheless in energetic growth, however it already has a good quantity of playable content material. Alongside the 2 campaigns of the unique model of the mod, this second model provides 5 further customized maps (bringing the entire to 6), and introduces new items like a marine hovertank. The mod additionally contains a bunch of distinctive mechanics, like Strogg orbital drops and jet packs for the Marines.

Within the responses to the update, Petersen particulars potential new options for Sudden Quake going ahead, together with “creating new Strogg varieties which have by no means been seen” and “some new settings just like the Stroggos moons and a partially-stroggified planet”. I principally point out this so I can write the phrase “Stroggified”, however I additionally like the concept of increasing the Quake universe past Stroggos, one thing the mainline video games did not do.

You’ll be able to download Sudden Quake right here. Notice that you will want a replica of Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory to play. You’ll be able to seize this over on Steam. Be warned, a number of the critiques point out issues getting it to work with the 64 bit model of Home windows 10.