Eccentrically named cooperative shooter Space Beast Terror Fright has launched on Steam following a protracted sojourn by Early Access, bringing its cooperative horde shooter and roguelike horror vitality to the plenty. In it, you and a group of marines (learn: your folks) should board a disabled spacecraft, get well the information saved on its drives, and disable to reactor coolant system in order that it self-destructs as you escape. By the best way, the disabled spacecraft is crammed with a horde of toothy, clawed homicide bugs.

Space Beast Terror Fright

(Image credit score: nornware AB)

It’s fairly beloved by followers, with 92% constructive evaluations as of as we speak. Most cite its claustrophobic hallways and powerful homages to the Alien movies as a motive to play. We fairly preferred it again in 2015, saying that its restricted discipline of view was a powerful promoting level. It undoubtedly has some actually good bounce scares, and intentionally-unintentional comedy, at the very least.

“You watch some people who are really well organized and they have a plan. They’re in the airlock and they’re all ready to go and they’re being so serious,” developer Johannes Norneby informed us. “And then they open the airlock and they take two steps and everyone dies… Then they start to laugh.”

You can discover Space Beast Terror Fright on Steam where it is $15, or $45 for a 4 pack.