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Chrono Cross

Many gamers are not happy with simply beating the game; they want to unlock and acquire every character on their squad. If anime has taught us anything, it is the importance of friendship. Whether you like anime or not, you might wish to unlock all of the characters in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers. This is a pleasant thing to do, and if you want to retry the game, you have even more reasons to do so. As a result, let’s take a brief look at this Chrono Cross Character Guide.

How to Unlock & Recruit All Characters in Chrono Cross

how to unlock and get every character in chrono cross

In Chrono Cross, you may unlock a total of 45 characters. You may recruit all of them by utilising the Chrono Cross, but you must first unlock them. That is, if you start a fresh playthrough with the Chrono Cross, you will be able to reclaim the characters you obtained in your prior game. As a result, you’ll have to play the game several times to obtain them all. To unlock all of the characters, you must play the game at least three times.

One of the primary variables in the game that influences whether or not various characters join is whether or not you decide to aid Kid. Aside from that, the various characters will join dependent on the choices you make during your playing. And some will only join you if you complete specified side tasks. The following is a comprehensive character guide for how to unlock all of them in the game.

Character Guide for Chrono Cross to Unlock them All

  • Serge: You get him by default as he is the main character of the game.
  • Doc: Refuse to help Kid when given the choice and Doc will join you.
  • Draggy: Get the Big Egg from the Dodo’s nest in Fossil Valley (Another World). Hatch it using the Incubator in Fort Dragonia (Home World). Draggy will join you after hatching.
  • Fargo: Will unlock automatically as you progress in the game’s story.
  • Funguy: Go to the Shadow Forest (Home World) and look for a guy in the cave under the Waterfall. Then, proceed down the underground path to the Viper Manor. A man will hand you a Mushroom. Return to the Waterfall and present the guy your mushroom.
  • Glenn: Don’t help Kid when you get the choice. Next, go to the Termina Entrance and overhear the conversation of Glenn. While returning to the boat Glenn will ask if he can join you.
  • Greco: Fight Lynx at Viper Manor. Next, go to the Termina Shirine (Another World). Finally, observe Greco in his house.
  • Grobyc: When you’re rescuing Riddel in Viper Manor (Another World) you’ll battle Grobyc. Defeat him and he’ll be a part of you later.
  • Guile: Go to Termina and speak with the man who is polishing the Statue. Next, proceed to the bar and chat with Guile, asking for his assistance in acting as your guide for Viper Manor.
  • Harle: Will routinely be a part of you as you progress by means of the game’s story.
  • Irenes: Defeat Sage on the Zelbess and return to the Ship with Nikki. Now go to the dressing room and she’s going to later be a part of you.
  • Janice: Go to the S.S. Zelbess (Home World) and defeat three rounds of monsters to unlock Janice.
  • Karsh: There are two ways to unlock him. Either beg him to hitch you to participate in the rescue of Riddel. Or he’ll later join you on the S.S. Invincible (Another World) once you’ve been saved Riddel.
  • Kid: When she asks, you have the option of immediately agreeing to allow her participate or rejecting her three times. If you reject Kid, she will be a part of Termina later on. So, no matter what you do, she will become a part of you, so it’s better if you reject her the first time.
  • Korcha: Agree to assist Kid and he’ll be a part of you.
  • Leah: Unlocks routinely while you rescue her from Gaea’s Navel.
  • Leena: When Kid asks about the game for the first time, deny her membership. Do this three times, and Leena will become a substitute for you.
  • Luccia: Fight Lynx then go to Viper Manor (Another World). Go to the balcony upstairs and you may unlock her.
  • Lynx: He will get unlocked at Fort Dragania as you progress by means of the story.
  • Macha: Don’t save Kid and speak to Macha and she’s going to be a part of you.
  • Marcy: Follow the story and rescue Riddel and Marcy will be a part of you.
  • Mel: Agree to save lots of Kid, and progress the search. After you save Kid speak to Mel and she’s going to be a part of you.
  • Miki: Go to Marbule (Home World) and remove all of the monsters. Now go to the S.S. Zelbess and speak to Miki and she’s going to be a part of you.
  • Mojo: Go to Arni Village (Home World) and hide in the fisherman’s basement. You’ll find the Shark’s tooth here. Add Kid to the party, as well as Leena, and travel to Arni Village (Another World) to present the Shark’s tooth to the opposing fishermen.
  • NeoFio: Go to the balcony in Viper Manor (Another World) and use the Life Sparkle within the pool. This will unlock NeoFio. You can get the Life Sparkle on the Hydra Marshes (Another World).
  • Nikki: If you’re looking for a guide, avoid Guile and Pierre. Instead, visit the Magical Dreamer’s boat and speak with Miki. Now you must journey to the Shadow Forest and save Nikki. He’ll become a part of you after that.
  • Norris: Go to the Viper Manor Ruins (Home World) and discover Norris within the Basement. Be positive to have Radius in your Party earlier than you discover him.
  • Orcha: Beat his evil kind whereas rescuing Riddel. After defeating him he’ll be a part of you.
  • Orlha: Add Lynx to your Party and go to the bar in Guldove (Another World). Here Orlha will battle you, defeat her and you’ll unlock her.
  • Pierre: Go to Termina (Another World) within the tools Shop. Give Pierre the hero’s medal and ask him to be your guide to unlock him.
  • Pip: Go to Luccia’s lab in Viper Manor (Another World) and unlock Pip’s cage. Next while you encounter him on S.S. Invincible chase him and he’ll be a part of.
  • Poshul: When you choose Leena, she will frequently accompany you as you continue through the tale. Otherwise, you can give her the Heckran Bone to make her a part of you.
  • Radius: Go to the Opassa Beach in Arni Village (Home World) and speak to Serge’s Mom. Next defeat Radius in a battle. Remember to have Lynx in your Party whereas doing these steps.
  • Razzly: Agree to save lots of Kid, then save her. This is the way you unlock her.
  • Riddel: Rescue Riddel as you progress by means of the story to get her.
  • Skelly: You must collect all of his bones to unlock him.Head (pun supposed) to the Fossil Valley (Home World) to seek out the cranium.
    • Go to the Shadow Forest in search of his Scapula. To obtain the Pelvic Bone, speak with the Element Trader in Guldove. The spine might be spotted in the Hydra Marshes. To obtain the Ribs, speak with the explorers on Water Dragon Isle (Home World). Finally, the Mixed Bones might be found in the Isle of the Damned.
  • Sneff: In S.S. Zelbess. defeat Sage and go to the dressing room. Here converse with Sneff and he’ll be a part of you.
  • Sprigg: She will be a part of you as you retain progressing the story. You can meet her on the Dimensional Vortex.
  • Starky: Go to El Nido Triangle (Home World) and discover the Star Fragment. Next, head to the Sky Dragon Isle and examine the supernatural occasions there.
  • Steena: Go to Guldove (Home World). You can discover her within the Shrine Maiden’s tent. She will be a part of you after you remove 6 Dragon Gods.
  • Turnip: To unlock Turnip, you must have the Ice gun or Ice breath equipped. Apply it on the piece of floor in the Hermit’s Hideaway (Another World). Poshul must also be present at your party. As she will find Turnip.
  • Van: Talk to Van and persuade him that all you need to do is find the Frozen Flame. You can find him at his house in Termina (Home World).
  • Viper: Save Riddel and go to S.S Invincible (Another World). Viper will then be a part of you.
  • Zappa: Start by including Radius to your celebration. Next, go to Zappa’s Smithy in Termina (Home World). Talk to him and he’ll be a part of you.
  • Zoah: You, like Karsh, will be able to request his assistance in rescuing Riddel. If not, he’ll become a part of you later.