Chivalry 2
Chivalry 2

Before you start thinking about which of the two sides in Chivalry to join, you should know that this choice is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the battle itself. You can choose Agatha or Mason at the beginning of each game and you can also switch sides after death, as long as the player’s balance allows.

If you join the Knights of Agatha, your teammates will wear blue. If you join Mason Order,your allies will be dressed in red. You can also use different voices, insults, etc. This is where the difference ends, so you might also think: Do you prefer red or blue? However, you must also consider role-playing and traditional factors. In the world of knights, the Knights of Agatha and the Knights of Mason have completely different origins and histories. Therefore, if you care about tradition, you may want to consider reading the following about both parties to find out where you belong.

Agatha Knights backstory

The Agatha Knights are the loyalists of Chivalry. They are very pious. They care about bloodlines and birthrights. As sworn defenders of kingship, they will even fight with honor to the last breath.

This is the game’s evaluation of Agatha:

The Agathian Knights were created when King Argon I, king of Olde Agatha, conquered the disparate kingdoms in the Unification War. Their leadership is dominated by the nobility of Agatha, especially well-to-do families from the rich provinces. They are highly religious with a strong sense of birthright, loyalty, and honour. Their love of justice, coin and beauty leads them to greatness and folly.   
Agatha, led by the Steward King Feydrid Kearn, was utterly crushed by the Mason Order at the end of The Civil War (Chivalry 1) and now returns under the leadership of Argon II. Having suffered a recent defeat to a ruthless enemy, there is a growing yet not uniform desire to cast aside the mercies once shown by their kind.

Mason Order backstory

The Mason Order was founded by General Malric after the death of King Argon I. It regards strength above all else. The members of the Mason Order first sought to end the antiquated ways of the Agatha, and then after their success in the Chivalry 1, consolidate their power and quash rebellions, lest history repeat itself, this time Mason was the victim.

The following is the game’s evaluation of Mason:

The Mason Order was founded by the rebellious General Malric in the wake of Argon I's death during The Crusade. The forming of the Order led to the First Civil War, from which, after much bloodshed and grueling siege, the Masons emerged victorious. After securing the remainder of the Kingdom under his rule, Malric set out to replenish the strength of his army and leave no question as to the legitimacy of his rule.    

The core Mason values of strength, discipline and ferocity are the driving force in everything they do. The embarassment of defeat to the foreign Tenosians birthed the desire in Malric to reforge the lands and people of Agatha to be harder and stronger. The commoners most afflicted by his wrath are his most arden supporters, for those among them who consider themselves strong would pay any price to be given the opportunity to rise about the crushing limits of birthright and piety.