Remember Centaur Technology? No? Well what if I say “Cyrix”? Ah, that obtained your consideration, did not it? How about S3 Graphics? VIA Technologies—yeah, that “VIA”—owns the IP from each corporations, and it has partnered with the Chinese authorities (via SASAC) to create a three way partnership named Zhaoxin. The goal of Zhaoxin is to create home-grown PC parts in order that China can cut back its reliance on overseas (learn: American) tech companies.

Zhaoxin has already shipped a number of generations of x86-64-compatible CPUs, however so far, it hasn’t moved any graphics processors. That’s why an entry within the Geekbench OpenCL benchmark database, surfaced by Benchleaks at present, is so attention-grabbing. It describes a Zhaoxin KX-6000-series system with an 8-core, 8-thread CPU outfitted with a “Glenfly Arise1020” graphics card.

We have completely no thought what a “Glenfly Arise1020” may be, however we all know who Glenfly is, not less than—it is the graphics arm of Zhaoxin. We do not know something concerning the firm’s graphics structure, like whether or not it is based mostly on the previous S3 know-how or an all-new design. We do know that the corporate demonstrated a GPU working Unigine Heaven final 12 months, which signifies that the corporate’s {hardware} is able to DirectX 11.1 rendering, not less than.

The OpenCL benchmark rating for the Arise1020 is a measly 579 factors, which is, to be frank, completely pathetic. 579 factors places it effectively behind built-in GPUs from a number of generations in the past, such because the Radeon R3 graphics in an Athlon 5150 “Kabini” APU, which scores 1569. It’s so gradual, in actual fact, that we suspect that the benchmark didn’t really run appropriately, maybe utilizing some form of software program emulation or debug interpreter.

It will likely be attention-grabbing to see if any extra particulars or checks of this GPU floor. Even if the benchmark is official, we suspect that that is possible a low-end mannequin meant for fundamental show functions. It’s troublesome to think about Zhaoxin’s Glenfly difficult AMD or NVIDIA, however one other vendor of practical fundamental GPUs might be a boon to an almost desolate low-end GPU market.
Top picture: Glenfly