A ballot on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit—orchestrated by consumer Fable_Nova—gathered over 5,000 votes in beneath every week, with Paladin hitting the highest of the charts. This was adopted instantly by three different Charisma-based classes: Bard, Sorcerer, and Warlock.

A poll displaying the most popular classes of Baldur's Gate 3 before launch, with Paladin, Bard, Sorcerer and Warlock topping the charts in that order.

(Picture credit score: Person Fable_Nova on Reddit.)

“When it comes to Class Paladin was the most well-liked (16.49%), adopted by Bard (14.59%), Sorcerer (11.5%) then Warlock (9.39%). Folks wish to play Charisma characters clearly,” wrote Fable_Nova. 

That is hardly shocking: in Dungeons & Dragons fifth version—the tabletop system Baldur’s Gate 3 is constructed upon—Charisma governs each talent that offers with speaking to folks. Deception, Intimidation, and Persuasion all fall beneath this umbrella. The 4 cool youngsters of this ballot all use Charisma as their spellcasting stat, making them a pure match for the function of occasion chief and face.

So why Paladin? Effectively, it is only a actually good class. Even within the tabletop model of fifth version, there are options that make it a stand-out selection:

  • Divine Smite: Paladins can dump an enormous quantity of radiant injury into their enemies by burning spell slots (a personality’s reservoir of magic) after hitting with a melee weapon. They’ll even do that right after a crucial hit, doubling all the injury cube from a high-level smite. At stage 12 this could layer on about ‘8d8’ (eight eight-sided cube) onto no matter your weapon’s already doing, for a mean of 36 further injury. Ouch.
  • Armour and weapon proficiencies: Paladins can use all weapons, armours and shields, identical to fighters can. Granted, you will not see a Paladin with a bow because of how divine smite works, however this nonetheless allows you to roll up a Dexterity-based paladin if you happen to’d relatively smite with finesse.
  • A splash of assist: Paladins get entry to the Lay on Palms potential, a pool of therapeutic that will also be used to remedy ailments or poisons.
  • Aura of Safety: The jewel within the crown of Paladin’s mid-to-late game toolkit, Aura of Safety allows you to slap your Charisma bonus onto each single one in every of your saving throws—cube rolls you make to dodge fireballs, resist magical results, shrug off poisons, and extra. Oh, and your complete occasion advantages from it, so long as you are acutely aware and inside 10 ft of them. No large deal.

Baldur's Gate 3

(Picture credit score: Larian Studios)

Fable_Nova additionally talked about that the Paladin’s Oath of Vengeance subclass—a Batman-style antihero that may mark enemies for holy justice—was by far the most well-liked, with “extra votes than all the opposite oaths mixed”. The most well-liked subclass within the ballot total was the Bard’s Faculty of Swords, nonetheless, even when Paladins acquired extra votes as a category. Folks simply actually like spellblades, I suppose.

Granted, whereas it is a substantial ballot, 5,000 gamers would not fairly signify everything of the game’s playerbase. On the time of writing, Baldur’s Gate 3 has over 3 times that taking part in the early entry on Steam. Nonetheless, as a long-time participant of fifth version myself, the Paladin getting a gold medal is not in any respect surprising. It is a enjoyable, tanky class where you get to hit beasties with a sword so laborious they explode into radiant-seared giblets. What’s to not love?

I actually will in all probability rock into Baldur’s Gate 3 with a half-elf paladin/rogue break up. Or perhaps a barbarian with a splash of champion fighter? Oh—however warlocks look fairly enjoyable, although I may all the time run with an abjuration wizard. Fraser appeared to love the look of the Circle of Spores druid, perhaps I am going to give {that a} strive. Then there’s that druid-barbarian hybrid I’ve heard a lot about, and—shit. I is likely to be right here for some time.