Charger Horns gather Horizon Forbidden West | How to

Charger Horns can be used to improve your Javelin Thrower in Horizon Forbidden West, so if you want to pack some more damage, go for this valuable resource. When you understand where they come from, you can obtain it rather easily.

Charger Horns are a kind of Charger adversary. They may be found in a variety of locations, but around the start of the game, you may find the Chargers on a website just southwest of Chainscrape. It’s just a little off the trail on the left side. You’ll notice the warthog-like machines as soon as you allow the city.

Charger Horns gather Horizon Forbidden West | How to

The best strategy with these robots is to focus on stealth. Make use of the dense vegetation around them and aim your arrow towards their horns. Strike every horn with your bow and arrow to knock them off the charger. If you don’t execute it this way and instead utilise a quiet strike, you’re considerably less likely to acquire the Charger Horns.

This enemy kind isn’t particularly conscious, therefore you’ll be able to dispatch them quickly with three shots (one for each horn). Normally, the various charges in the herd are not struck after the fact.

When the coast is clear, pick up the horns from the bottom and place them in your stock. If you fail to obtain the Charger Horns, return to Chainscrape’s lantern, save your game, and the Chargers will respawn in the same location.