Since its launch in 2022, turn-based techniques face-brutalizer Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters has acquired a string of free updates, with one other due this month. Whereas that update will add an enemy spawn group referred to as the Tainted Sons, three new bits of wargear for the beleaguered Gray Knights, and two extra warp surge occasions, the most recent video on the official Daemonhunters YouTube channel appears to be teasing one thing completely different.

The video, embedded above, is offered as a transmission from somebody named Grand Grasp Havlik to Inquisitor Vakir, one of many NPCs who joins your ship in the course of the marketing campaign, merely asking: “What do you suppose you will have discovered?” It is bookended by the image of a cranium with a dagger behind it that represents the Officio Assassinorum, the Imperium’s executioners, which provides us a clue. Possibly we’ll be getting an enlargement that provides an murderer to our squad? Or lets us do missions with a complete squad of sneaky killers? The actual fact 9 hidden achievements have been not too long ago added to Daemonhunters, it is likely to be one thing substantial.

The Gray Knights may definitely do with the assistance. Daemonhunters is a superb techniques game, however an unforgiving one. I’ve by no means bothered bumping the problem as much as Ruthless, not to mention Legendary, and the earlier DLC, Responsibility Everlasting, made it even more durable. Whereas I might like to play an Imperial murderer in a stealth game, like Dishonored however 40K, I will accept having them added to Daemonhunters.

In the meantime, Update XIII will carry a brand new spawn group of enemies who’ve a great deal of hit factors and a boon that offers them a 15% probability to mutate every time they’re attacked. The Tainted Sons could have low armor and resistance although, so fingers crossed we’ll have the ability to take them out quick earlier than they rework into something too horrific. They’re going to embrace three new enemies: Nurgling swarms that buff daemons, plague surgeons that may additionally seem in present spawns, and slimy Beasts of Nurgle that immobilize anybody who will get shut.

The brand new warp surges are Beneficiant Effusions, which makes heretics that die within the subsequent three turns grant close by enemies three hit factors, and Roiling Mutations, which mutates each enemy on the map. To fight all that the Gray Knights get a purgation cranium, which targets a single enemy for purging as much as 10 squares away and ignores cowl, an autoloader cranium, which lets a goal carry out their reload capability (or skills, within the case of the dreadnought, who has two), and rad grenades, which trigger bleed. The update must be rolled out on July 25, might the Emperor defend us all.