Chainsaw Man gave us our first take a look at the dreaded Ghost Satan in Episode 8, “Gunfire”. The Ghost Satan has been teased ever since we met the character of Himeno, whose pact with the Ghost Satan noticed her sacrifice a watch in alternate for utilizing one among its invisible fingers in battle. Properly, simply when the Satan Hunters of Particular Division 4 assume they’ll loosen up after a significant victory in opposition to the Eternity Satan, a brand new set of foes pops up and launches a lethal ambush on the crew. The following combat lastly offers us a full take a look at the Ghost Satan – at nice value.


As said, “Gunfire” will get its title from the violent ambush that the Gun Satan launches in opposition to the Tokyo Satan Hunters. The Satan Hunters are gunned down on the street, mob model – together with Denji getting shot point-blank within the head by the grandson of the Yakuza boss he killed within the first episode. With Chainsaw Man down, Aki and Himeno are pressured to do battle; when Aki makes use of the Fox Satan to eat the shooter, they discover out to their horror that Denji is not the one one among his sort, because the Fox reveals he’s each human and satan – and neither. The person transforms right into a bladed model of Denji’s Chainsaw kind (“Katana Man”). Aki manages to take down Katana Man with the Curse Satan’s distinctive assault, however Katana Man’s accomplice (“Akane Sawatari”) makes use of a revival method to deliver Katana Man again, and the second bout sees the villain lower Aki down with ease.

Chainsaw Man managed to convey pretty shortly that Himeno is in love with Aki, regardless of Aki being infatuated with Makima. So when Aki is staring dying within the face, Himeno sacrifices herself to deliver out the complete energy of the Ghost Satan!

Chainsaw Man’s Ghost Satan Defined

(Picture: MAPPA)

The Ghost Satan – like so lots of Chainsaw Man’s creatures – is actually freaky in design. The satan has the pinnacle of a ghostly girl, with eyes and mouth that look stitched on her face; she has a neck made from flowers, resulting in an elongated physique with many fingers, like a centipede. The truth that this monstrous entity additionally operates invisibly explains why it’s such a fearsome and highly effective Satan to accomplice with.


…Sadly, the Ghost Satan wasn’t as highly effective as Sawatari’s Snake Satan entity, which snatches the pinnacle right off the Ghost Satan, presumably destroying it, and leaving Himeno’s vanished from her garments, in sacrifice. Naturally, followers are actually freaking out.

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