Chainsaw Man simply obtained actual. Episode 8 of the anime began off in a pleasant sufficient place – Denji presumably getting laid by fellow Satan Hunter Himeno – however ended by taking a really tragic and horrifying flip. After seven episodes of the Satan Hunters all going exhausting on the mission to kill the Gun Satan, the villain turns the tables by organising a mob-style hit on Tokyo department of the Satan Hunters. When the shots begin getting fired, there are undoubtedly some main victims – together with an ending that teased a serious loss for Aki!


In “Gunfire”, the Gun Satan’s forces catch the Tokyo Satan Hunters whereas they’re taking a day to attempt to solidify their bonds. Actually, it is a scheme that Denji and Himeno provide you with, after deciding to not sleep collectively: Denji will attempt to assist Himeno get with Aki, whereas Himeno will assist Denji get with Makima. The romantic hijinks result in a lunch date between Denji, Himeno, Energy, and Aki. Simply when the crew is gelling nicely, Denji will get confronted (and subsequently shot within the head) by a person associated to the Yakuza chief Denji killed throughout his first Chainsaw Man transformation. In the meantime, different Satan Hunter brokers (together with Makima) are gunned down within the streets, whereas touring, and so forth.

The dire state of affairs turns to full doom when Aki and Himeno attempt to do battle with the Yakuza chief’s grandson, solely to find that he, too, is a robust Satan-human hybrid, armed with sword appendages: Katana Man. Aki and Himeno show sturdy sufficient to tackle Katana Man – at the very least within the first spherical. It seems that Katana Man has his personal accomplice armed with some highly effective Satan pacts to name on – together with the power to revivie and restore Katana Man’s physique.

(Picture: MAPPA)

Confronted with two next-level opponents, Himeno has to transcend any secure restrict and absolutely summon the Ghost Satan. Nonetheless, Himeno’s pact was all the time utilizing one of many Ghost Satan’s invisible palms, at the price of her personal eye; to summon the total Ghost Satan requires the tribute of her whole physique!


Aki is left on the battlefield taking a look at Himeno’s empty garments, with the implication being that she’s lifeless. That mentioned, we do not know what it means to “pay” a Satan in physique components, and if it constitutes “dying” as we perceive it. Chainsaw Man Episode 8’s credit appear to trace that Himeno may very well be trapped in some form of completely different realm or universe where Devils reside, which might be a “dying” of types – albeit one Himeno may very well be rescued from.

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