I am unsure something is kind of as infuriating as when Bethesda places out some tiny, imperceptible level update for Skyrim that does not appear to do something however break half of your mods. So I respect that CD Projekt Pink has taken the time to poke at a few of The Witcher 3’s hottest mods to search out which ones will play good with the game’s upcoming next-gen update. Relaxation straightforward, people: The game’s many lustrous hair mods all appear to be in working order.

CDPR has put collectively a spreadsheet of 71 widespread Witcher 3 mods and whether or not they nonetheless operate with the game’s next-gen patch. The excellent news is that numerous the standard of life stuff—the little tweaks that a lot of gamers have gotten used to and would battle with out—appear to work simply advantageous. Quick Journey Wherever, Weight Restrict Removing, and that mod that places all of your aims on the map all survived the transition intact.

Where mods are damaged, it is largely resulting from scripting errors. In a discussion board publish accompanying the spreadsheet, CDPR workers say that “as a result of addition of a brand new quest [in the next-gen update], many of the mods which are based mostly on scripts will error out”. So stuff just like the charmingly-named Extremely Gore 2—A Dismemberment Mod and Improved Signal Results will not work till their authors update them for the next-gen patch. However, possibly it is a good factor: No Time for Gwent has additionally been damaged by the update, and everyone ought to have time for Gwent.

On the plus facet, CDPR is placing a “staff of modding consultants” at modders’ disposal, able to “present assist and recommendation to modders on boards post-release when doable”. The corporate can also be placing out “a brand new model of the Witcher 3 command line instruments for modders […] tailored for the up to date game with many bug fixes included,” and a brand new model of the TW3 WolvenKit mod editor/creator is ready for launch within the close to future.

So hopefully it is only a matter of rising pains, and earlier than too lengthy all of the mods you’ve got come to like might be tailored to work with The Witcher 3’s newer, shinier model. Till then, you may need to tide yourselves over with mods that do not have an effect on scripting and those that CDPR has gone and built-in into the update wholesale.