Dave the Diver accumulates numerous sorts of fish within the Blue Gap, all of whom play a task, whether or not for analysis functions or meals on the Bancho Sushi restaurant. From large sea creatures to small and non-aggressive fish, there’s no scarcity of what Dave can purchase. Seahorses are one of many smaller kinds of sea critters within the Blue Gap, they usually are available a couple of type. Massive-Stomach, Hedgehog, Tiger-Tail, and way more reside throughout the Blue Gap, and gamers will assemble sushi dishes with them.

Nonetheless, Dave discovers early within the game that he can’t catch Seahorses with the commonplace harpoon. That’s why he’ll want a unique software to finish the job, although this comes into play throughout Chapter 2 of Dave the Diver. In different phrases, buying Seahorses will naturally happen for gamers within the game. The query is when this can occur, although.

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Dave the Diver gamers can swiftly seize Seahorses utilizing the Bug Web tools. After finishing the “Reticent Lady” sub mission with Maki, a highschool pupil with private points, the titular diver obtains the Bug Web. Maki needs Dave to make use of the tools to serve the White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke. Finishing this mission will yield the Bug Web, which is good for snatching up Seahorses, Cliones, and different tiny fish. Cliones are notably vital for the “Catch Clione” sub mission of Chapter 2, additionally with Maki. Finishing this mission will permit Maki to hitch the Bancho Sushi workers.

The Bug Web has a button immediate that doesn’t require specific actions. Gamers solely must swim as much as one to catch a Seahorse, and the immediate shall seem. Doing so will all the time current Dave with a 3-star fish seize, promising tasty outcomes for the Bancho Sushi restaurant.

This additionally applies to the Seadragons within the Hydrothermal Vents or the Glacier Zone. These little guys seem later within the game, although Dave will nonetheless use his Bug Web to catch them. The kinds to look out for are the Leafy, Ruby, and Weedy Seadragons. However that is the Glacier Zone we’re speaking about, housing distinctive sea creatures inside harmful territories. It’s where Dave will want his finest tools.

Seahorses reside all through the Blue Gap, not resorting to a single space where Dave can discover them. They’ll show up within the Shallows (Massive-Stomach, Jayakar’s, Pacific, and so on.), the Depths (Lined, Spiny, White, and so on.), and different ranges of the Blue Gap. Looking out by way of corals could be an excellent begin for somebody seeking to seize a Seahorse or two rapidly.

Skilled Tip

Seahorses are extremely tiny and sometimes troublesome to see whereas diving at evening. Toying with the game’s graphics would possibly assist with visible comprehension to differentiate the little aquatic horses extra clearly. After all, it additionally is dependent upon the brightness of your display. This might assist decide if evening diving is healthier or to not spot the Seahorses.

Picture Credit score: Mintrocket.

With the tiny fish now in hand, Dave can return to the restaurant to arrange meals for Bancho Sushi customers. A number of recipes, from a fried meal to a salad, all with a Seahorse as a sushi ingredient, turn into out there. At all times verify to see what elements you’ll want for the meals that require a Seahorse earlier than diving out into the Blue Gap.