I was a teenage exocolonist pet
Image through Northway Games

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist’s advertising clearly signifies deckbuilding, survival, romance, and a powerful narrative as being its greatest promoting factors. But everyone knows that having our very personal pet that follows us round on an alien planet is kind of the catch of an announcement too! So right here’s the quick reply to the precise query of whether or not or not I Was a Teenage Exocolonist lets you personal pets: it does! Here’s how you are able to do that and why it is best to spend the time doing so, aside from for the flexibility to pet them, in fact.

How Can I Obtain a Pet?

There are 4 pets you possibly can encounter and make your very personal within the game by way of taming and adopting. These alien creatures could be encountered at completely different occasions throughout a playthrough and are categorised as fully completely different but simply as lovable creatures from each other.

These are the lovable and plushy pastel blob of a creature known as Vriki, the extra widespread and rodent-like cutie of the Hopeye, the Unicorn crossed with a lizard Unisaur who you don’t need to be round after they get hungry, and the reward given Pet Bot to go with your huge mind.

Here’s a easy breakdown of when and where you possibly can run into them for an opportunity to gather ’em all, two of that are far simpler to acquire than the others. Always be sure that your stage for the bodily ability of Animals is as excessive as attainable when going for all these encounters – from what we now have managed, being across the 60 mark stage is required to tame the Unisaur.

  • The Vriki could be tamed throughout encounters in Expedition actions and are fairly simple to come back by. Alternatively, you possibly can encounter and acquire one by way of a card battle throughout a sure occasion in Geoponic actions.
  • The Hopeye could be tamed throughout encounters in Expedition actions and is without doubt one of the commonest animals you possibly can tame at a low Animal stage. Just just like the Vriki, you may also encounter this potential pet throughout an occasion within the Geoponic sector.
  • The Unisaur could be encountered throughout Expeditions within the Swamp exercise particularly. Ensure to already be utilized as a Hunter to get the possibility to undertake this species as soon as defeating its space’s boss.
  • The Pet Bot could be rewarded to you for maximising your time spent within the repairing robots job positioned within the Engineering sector.

Why Should I Be Taming Them?

Simply put, to completely full the game and what it has to supply, a few its achievements are tied to having obtained them. To be particular, these two are “Petting Pets” and “There are Four Pets”, and who wouldn’t need to pet them and undertake all 4 in a single playthrough?

Additionally, additionally they present their very own unique playing cards upon adopting which is able to add progress to a different achievement being the “Collect Them All”, the unlocking of each single card throughout the game. Taming these species additionally unlocks much more actions throughout the Colony corresponding to extra resting spots that embrace new dialogue and scenes. These actions which might be related to stated creatures may even be sure that gamers are in a position to maximize the potential story occasions that may be skilled when having these species beside you.

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