WZ Ranked is an excellent tool that allows Warzone fans to analyze the weapons, perks, accessories, and equipment used by players. Site data reflects the percentage of players using each item in their equipment, as well as the average K/D when using a particular item. The weapon with the highest K/D average is often the most used weapon in the game.

Here is the ranked list of best weapons from worst to best. (Ref: TTK- Time to kill)

XM4 (1.04)

Ever since Raven fixed the bullet velocity issues, XM4 has been one of the top sleep options. Players can use sniper, SMG or long-range main options to execute the weapon. XM4 is one of 12 weapons with an average K/D over 1.0. This may seem low, but Warzone’s K/D average is about 0.9. Less-skilled players will love the control and consistency of weapons, while skilled players can take advantage of the competitive TTK in most areas.

RAM-7 (1.05)

For more than a year, RAM-7 has been one of the most unpopular AR. It has an amazing damage value, high rate of fire and good enough recoil to control it. However, at a distance of more than 20 meters, the player must master recoil control in order to maintain accurate shooting. Like XM4, RAM can be used in many ways, which is important in Warzone. RAM can directly rival SMG and has one of the highest long-range TTKs in the game.

Swiss K31 (1.05)

Changes in the Cold War optics affect the number of players using this weapon. Axial Arms 3x and Royal & Kross 4x no longer have enough visual zoom to be effective optical components. In the short time between the Swiss upgrade and optic changes, the weapon was S-tier in the Warzone. Swiss became a slightly slower Kar 98k with no optic glint. It remains to be seen how the sniper will perform in the future, and the usage rate may also decline.

AK-74U (1.06)

More than 1% of gamers pick up the AK-74U in their gear. They must know something that other people don’t know, because SMG seems to work very well. The recoil mode and theoretically low base TTK make the weapon look far from ideal. Despite these shortcomings, if people can take a few headshots, the AK-74U is really competitive. Like MAC-10 and Bullfrog, headshots can have a huge impact on the average TTK when using a weapon. For those who have not used it, the data suggests that it may be worth a try.

VLK Rogue (1.06)

VLK Rogue is an outlier in this list. Before Origin 12, R9-0 and Streetsweeper, a small group of players used pump shotguns to roam the map. In the first half of 2021, less than 0.1% of players used shotguns in their gear. Once upon a time, the VLK Rogue with the Dragon’s Breath Rounds was a good support in Warzone, but the samples are too few. If VLK does not have such a high average K/D, Gallo or LC10 will be on the list.

PPSH-41 (1.07)

A recent nerf and upgraded suppressors have made PPSH one of the top five SMGs. Long-range recoil and damage over 15 meters will slightly slow down the weapon’s speed. Within 15 meters, PPSH can compete with MP5. Nonetheless, considering that the weapon’s K/D is so high, it seems strange given that the buff were only a few weeks ago. Maybe it is better than the player thinks.

MAC-10 (1.08)

The MAC-10 data may be slightly skewed because it was broken in December 2020 and January 2021. After several weakenings, MAC-10 is in a good position in terms of balance. This weapon has the best mobility in the SMG class, although it will not immediately destroy the enemy as before. Machine gun movement and speed have a greater impact on the game than many in the community realize.

MAC-10 allows players to play games and operations that they cannot use any other weapons. Although the historical K/D may be exaggerated, the MAC-10 is still a very interesting weapon.

AK-47 CW (1.13)

As the recoil of this AK is slightly reduced, it has become a powerful short-range auxiliary weapon. In terms of DPS, AK is as good as any weapon in the game except AS VAL. Unlike AS VAL, AK has a larger magazine, which makes it feasible when challenging the entire team. The weapon still has considerable recoil, and iron sights are not the best choice. Professional players will be able to control the kick of the weapon and destroy the enemy faster than almost any weapon in the game. Even with a slight reduction in movement, the AK is top-notch when used as an SMG.

Streetsweeper (1.20)

Hip fire nerfs has not changed the fact that Streetsweeper is a close threat. With huge drums and up to 5 meters DPS, the Streetsweeper is a killer. Players of all skill levels can use weapons in the blank range to achieve success. The shotgun is so good that Raven removed it from Warzone’s standard ground loot. The only problem with the weapon is the reload speed, because the projectiles must be reloaded one by one. However, as long as the player does not encounter difficulties, reloading should not be a big problem.

CR-56 AMAX (1.26)

The smallest change did not destroy the viability of AMAX. Yes, it was more dominant at the beginning of the season, but after a few headshots, AMAX will still feel like the same weapon. However, the slow rate of fire may affect missed shots. As a sniper support or main weapon, AMAX competes with the best option in Warzone. As the season progresses, the weapon is likely to return to average, but it is expected to remain in the high K/D category.