The Call of Duty: The Warzone Hunt for Adler mission did not go as planned and progress issues prevented players from enjoying Black Ops Cold War themed content. Raven Software is offering a gift of apology, and anyone who logs into the game before the end of Season 3 will get a free “Tortured & Rescued” Adler skin.

RavenSoftware announced the news at the end of April 30, thanking players for their patience with the issue and participating in the limited-time event.

These issues include the inability to track progress when attempting to complete the game and the intel players needed to place themselves in places the game cannot reach. The mission began after major events that began this season, which included the dropping of a nuclear bomb on Verdansk. For whatever reason, all went back in time and brought everyone to 1984.

This serves as an introduction to the roles and plot clues of the Cold War characters in “Black Ops”, adding “Call of Duty: War Zone” and largely replacing the existing “Modern Warfare” content in the play. Given that Activision is using Warzone as its ongoing Call of Duty battle royale game, rather than changing it from year to year, we may see a similar transition in the future. Although the legend may not actually exist to the same standard as the main game, it is easy to see familiar faces.

Adler is one of the new Cold War characters introduced in “Call of Duty: Black Ops” and plays a key role in the twist-filled story. He was also joined by returning characters, such as Jason Hudson and Frank Woods.