Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will reportedly have Rainbow Six Siege-style interrogations

Image through Raven Software

Activision Blizzard outlined its plans for Warzone 2 roughly a month in the past, and we’ve seen quite a few leaks and reviews ever since. From the gameplay type to the map to new options, it appears there’s new alleged data nearly day-after-day. The newest report talks about an intriguing function that would completely change the game.

Games reporter Tom Henderson has written a number of items on Warzone 2, and the newest one on Exputer rounds up some purported new additions. Henderson leads with the brand new interrogation function, which sounds just like Caveira in Rainbow Six Siege. When an enemy is down, you’ll be capable to press the interrogation immediate close to them — this each eliminates them and divulges their teammates on the minimap. Should it pan out, this function might actually flip the tide when squads are locked in a firefight.

Henderson’s report additionally runs down some extra new options. Armor vests are mentioned to be returning in a mode someplace between Blackout and Warzone, where armor doesn’t break however plates will must be changed. Meanwhile, a bag system akin to PUBG: Battlegrounds’ backpack will allow you to carry extra gear. Strongholds additionally sound like game-changers: they’re scattered across the map, and finishing their aims like defeating the AI enemies inside will earn you loot. Pro Perks, a basic Call of Duty function, are one such type of reward.

Strongholds have been additionally talked about within the current Warzone 2 map leak, which confirmed us a reported mock-up used for each Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode. The leak, the brand new options, and all the things else we’ve heard up to now actually does paint Warzone 2 as greater than your typical battle royale.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed up to now, so take all of it with an enormous grain of salt. At the very least, we all know that each Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are being constructed on an all-new engine. MW2 is slated for a fall launch, and Warzone will comply with after that.