Call of Duty Cold War
Call of Duty Cold War

When one talks about The Game in the FPS battle royale segment, there is only one name that would come to one’s mind – Call of Duty: Cold War. And it is not something that should come as a surprise. Call of Duty, along with Counter Strike, has been the gold standard in the category for years, and the way it is going, it does not look like any other franchise could catch up to them. The immersive experience of the Call of Duty games, amazing graphics, and astonishing sound effects in combination makes for an excellent game that everyone should try.

But don’t let the massive popularity of the Call of Duty; Cold War fool you; the gameplay could be as harrowing as some of the most difficult games you have ever played. Beginner players are an easy fish to catch for more experienced and veteran players of the game. So, what can you do? Simply move on or learn top tips and give them a payback that they will never forget. Well, if it is the latter, then the following tips will surely help you. You can also visit for more hacks and tips. 

1. Eliminate the enemy player score streaks

This is often the first advice that more experienced players give to their juniors. And if one thinks about it, it is pretty understandable why that is the case. It is common for one to get so involved with the game that they forget about the score streaks. And while it is not something that would have hurt you before, it certainly does now. Why? Because score streaks do not reset when the player dies anymore. So, it is natural that you would have to destroy the destructible score steaks before they quickly overrun you and your squad.

2. Reload while aiming

Call of Duty is a fast-paced game; there is no doubt about it. A player needs to find ways to get that slight time advantage over their enemy to win. You never know when a millisecond of difference can decide a winning round or a painful loss. And one way you can do just that is by reloading while aiming. Now it does sound like a no-brainer when one thinks about it, but not many beginner players know this trick. So, in a way, you can quickly get that crucial time advantage over your opponents. Incorporate this into your play style ASAP.

3. Take cover

There is no need for you to take stupid risks in a game where everything can turn on its head in a second. A common mistake many beginners make is that they get too casual or greedy in their gameplay and forget about taking cover – making them an easy target for snipers. It is simply an idiotic thing to do. The Call of Duty; Cold War has many obstacles, walls, and vehicles that you can take cover and avoid enemy fire. Dying being an idiot is not how you can help your team win the battle.

4. Have patience during your game

It is a continuation of the last tip. To succeed in the game, you need to have patience. There is no point in following the same routine that many beginners go through – spawning, running to the enemy location, dying, respawning, and doing the same shit all over again. Not only is it not helpful to your team, but you are not also learning anything of importance doing this stunt again and again. No, you need to be tactical in your thinking, create a plan of action, and then try sticking to it. Even if you die, it’s all right; you would have learned something from it. Remember, you cannot win by simply charging at your enemy and hoping they all simply panic. It has never worked.

5. Change your game settings

If you are still on the default gameplay settings, then forget the above four listed tips; it is the first one you need to take action with. The default settings of the game are great; it helps new players break into the game and make their experience a tad easier. But their drawback is that they will never let you reach your full potential. These are generic settings, and you can only go so far with them. No, it would help if you spent some time adjusting these settings according to play style. Only after this do you stand any chance of going far in Call of Duty: Cold War.

This Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer guide will help budding soldiers to enhance their gameplay. Just include all the tips to your gaming strategies and enhance your skills like a pro.