The Call of Duty companion app functions virtually as a tiny social media platform for the community. It enables you to respond to your friends’ accomplishments and various activities. But what if the app is unable to locate your gameplay data? That’s what happened with the most recent problem, which prevented you from using the app. While some users are concerned that their primary account has been compromised, this is due to a mistake. So, here’s our guide to troubleshooting the Call of Duty Companion app.

How to Fix Call Of Duty Companion App Not Working?


  • Give your machine a reboot. Rebooting your machine clears up loads of RAM information.
  • Check in the event you can log in to the Companion app or if the issue persists.

Check Internet Connection

  • This error can even happen in the event you don’t have a working Internet connection.
  • You can reset your WiFi router or test together with your Internet service supplier for a smoother connection.


  • Uninstall the Companion app after which set up it from Google Play or Apple’s app retailer.
  • This will assist filter out the info and cache for the app to run easily.

Check updates and storage

  • Make positive that you haven’t missed any updates on your units and the Companion app.
  • The app builders optimize their apps accordingly to the current variations of your units.
  • Thus, if you’re utilizing an outdated Android or iOS model, this may be the explanation for the error.
  • It is appropriate with Apple units with iOS 11 or above and for Android units with Android 5 or above.

Check Servers

  • If the app servers of Call of obligation are down, there’s nothing we can do more than wait.