There’s been an argument raging in Future 2 lore communities for years, ever since Bungie revealed the Witness—the large dangerous that is been working behind the scenes all through the game’s Gentle and Darkness saga—on the finish of The Witch Queen marketing campaign. The query, fiercely debated, is that this: Is the Witness the identical entity because the Winnower, the cosmic power described again within the Shadowkeep growth lore guide Unveiling?

OK, sure, let me again up. Unveiling was arguably the primary main try by Bungie to put out the stakes of the Future 2 universe’s broader cosmology—the beginning of a path that leads on to the battle of the game’s subsequent growth, The Closing Form. It describes two entities from earlier than time, a Gardener and a Winnower, who performed a game that induced an argument that led to the creation of the universe. The Gardener it describes is clearly the Traveler, the large orb that’s the source of Guardians’ energy. Arguably it follows, then, that The Witness is the Winnower.

Besides: the cutscene that appeared two weeks in the past lastly offers us the origin story of the Witness. It is truly the amalgamation of the primary species that the Traveler uplifted. So… case closed, right? The Witness is not the Winnower. So why are the loreheads nonetheless getting offended at one another?

For one factor, Unveiling was seemingly written by the Witness, delivered to us through the Black Fleet it controls. For an additional, the argument has moved in a unique path and led to a brand new query: If the Witness is not the Winnower, does the Winnower even exist? Some argue that there’s one other entity behind the Witness that’s the true Winnower. Some will let you know that, no, having a super-secret additional last boss could be lame—clearly the Witness is not the Winnower, it is simply creating self-insert fanfic about its desired place within the universe. And others argue that Unveiling itself must be discarded, as a result of Bungie has merely retconned your entire story and the origin of the Witness itself.

Bungie commented on the confusion in a current roundtable Q&A that I attended. Naturally, the studio’s representatives did not provide any precise solutions, however they did no less than show that they are conscious of the confusion and contradictions.

“Welcome to the issue that each one Bible students have making an attempt to determine—what could or could not have occurred and lining that as much as precise historic occasions,” says senior narrative designer Robert Brookes. “Unveiling is a parable. It’s successfully a non secular textual content. And the way a lot of that’s propaganda, how a lot of that’s fantasy, how a lot of that’s truth is deeply unclear within the nature of the textual content.”

Brookes notes that, when Unveiling first dropped, gamers did take it because the literal gospel reality. “Gamers believed it to be 100% truth: there was a literal backyard, there was a literal Gardener, there was a literal Winnower. And now it is beginning to develop into clear that these could not truly be simply concrete concepts, however metaphors or issues which can be far much less concrete and clear. And as we get nearer into The Closing Form, extra solutions on that can begin arising. And The Closing Form, after all, could have numerous solutions concerning the nature of these conflicts.”

Brookes refused to supply any extra hints on how this may all resolve. Apart from this: “The contradictory nature has all the time form of been intentional. Regardless of the Witness says, possibly do not belief it.”